Landscaping ?- have your bananas come back yet

courtlynn12April 23, 2011

Last year I did all my landscaping around our new pool. We learned many lessons and are making a few adjustments for the coming year. We had some windmill palms but we removed them in hopes to replace with another type of palm. Also we loved our bananas and plan to add a few more. I am curious if my bananas made it or not. We cut them off at the base and covered with mulch. So far the only thing living and looking great are our cannas. So I am wondering if it is too early for the bananas to make a comeback or if I should chalk them up to non-survivors�.I am in North Texas, btw. Also, any recommendations on palms or others to add?? I was thinking of a citrus tree but I am unsure. Any advice is greatly appreciated:)

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In the Houston area, my neighbor's bananas have come back -- on my side of the fence. I have a jasmine bush that has just sprung up in the last week or two (last year I'm pretty sure it was May or even early June when I was about to pull it out of the ground and saw a sprout) and we're still watching the top of another neighbor's palm -there is a touch of green and not sure if that will push out of not. I have seen other palms in the area pushing out just in the last week. I don't know if I would give up just yet -- you may have been just enough colder and longer than us to make a difference, but I tend to think of bananas as hard to kill. I'd give you what keeps sprouting on our side of the fence. LOL

If you decide to put in a citrus, I would stay with a dwarf (which you can also put in a pot) and try to have it in a more protected spot. You will need to protect at least in harder freezes up there. I know we are just enough colder than the valley to make a difference here. I have a couple in pots and we have a couple in the ground. We just put thos in last year, so they were small enough that we could protect them. We'll see as time goes on. I also have 2 mango trees -- they are in large pots and are new since last year. Kind of a pain to roll into the garage since they are tall enough that we had to tilt them to go in the door, but really cool to have. Maybe we'll have fruit in another year or two.

You might want to see if you have a county extension office up there or a master gardener (at an arboretum, nursery or a neighbor) and ask them about what to expect on those plants in your area.

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