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quiltgirlMarch 5, 2013

I ordered my sink from Quality Bath and emailed a scanned copy of a check to pay for it as per phone instructions by one of their employees. Now I have received an email to send the check to an address in the East. If you have ordered from them, what method of payment did you use? I have called and emailed them about this, but have not received any reply. I know several have said this is a very reliable site and have had good service, but correspondence has been somewhat shy from them. Should I be nervous?

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I ordered a few bath faucets from Quality Bath. I paid online using my credit card though, so am not familiar with mailing checks to them. Most items came without a hitch, but one item that I ordered became backordered and it took 2 months to receive it (direct from manufacturer). They charged my card up front for the items despite the backorder, and I actually did not know it was backordered until I called to check on it a couple of weeks later. Over all, I think my experience with Quality Bath was a 3.5 stars out of 5.

If you feel nervous, you can always call up their customer service to check on the order. Surprisingly, they know who you are when you call by your phone number and can look up your order fairly quickly.
One thing you might want to consider is to pay with credit card when shopping online since the cards offer a lot of protections should something go wrong. I wasn't too worried because I knew if i didn't get something, I could always call up my credit card to do a chargeback.

good luck!!

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I paid with credit card. I always pay with credit card for all online purchases as I can use the card company for any issues.

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I don't know why anyone would ever pay for anything online without using a credit card. Credit cards offer consumer protections that a check cannot offer. If the product doesn't arrive all you have to do is call the credit card company and ask for a chargeback. If your credit card number is stolen you just call and get the number cancelled and the fraudulent charges reversed. On top of this some credit cards extend warranties and others offer cash back or frequent flyer miles.

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Talked to them today. Did an electronic transfer and the sink is being shipped tomorrow. Thanks! Hopefully all will be fine.

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I ordered my Waterstone main and filtration faucets from Quality Bath using my credit card. I thought their service was very good. The main faucet was on backorder. They sent me an email to let me know that...
Here's part of the email:
"Thank you very much for your recent order. Approximate lead times for the items are as follows:

Waterstone Soap Dispenser - 4065 & Cold Filtration Faucet - 1400 C are about 5 weeks for you to receive.
The Pulldown Kitchen Faucet - 5400 will be about 10-12 weeks for you to receive. If this does not work out with your schedule please contact us. We will send you an e-mail confirmation once your order ships."....

I thought 10-12 weeks was too long of a wait and cancelled the order, but then changed my mind and reinstated it. In the process I called them many times discussing it and every time they were very accommodating (explained that the long lead time was from the Waterstone. I called Waterstone and they confirmed it as well).
After all, when the order was reinstated, I got everything much much faster. So I was very happy with Quality Bath.

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