need backsplash ideas, Virginia Mist granite

RobCarsonMarch 11, 2013

First, thanks from a lurker for all of the wonderful information about honed Virginia Mist granite. I went with it for our kitchen remodel (during which we took down a wall and installed a breakfast bar countertop). The Montauk Black slate floor is new too. See attached pictures.

Now the question: What should I do for a backsplash? I had picked out a polished Carrara marble subway tile, but my wife thought it was too much patterning with the granite. So, suggestions?

Small additional detail: We *might* one day repaint the cabinets white when the appliances go and we can replace them with stainless.

Any help will be much appreciated. Currently leaning toward a very light gray glass subway tile to match the granite's veining, but ... we're very open to suggestion.

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Here's another picture. Odd that just one can be attached to each post.

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One more.

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Love Virginia Mist and it looks great with your floor. I like the idea of a gray glass. Here's an example of a really soft light gray:
I couldn't imbed so here's a link. I like the idea that it's a larger format... personal preference thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: gray tile

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Read the "new to kitchens...." thread posted by buehl and it will tell you how to put as many photos as you want in a post.

Nice granite and floor!

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Beautiful counters!
Before I even read the post - I thought of a light gray backsplash so if you can find the right glass, it would be great!

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Very lovely. I could see a light green glass or subway with your cabinets and honed Virginia Mist and floors. A soft blue is a possibility too if you don't favor green.

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Thanks for all the comments and suggestions so far, everyone. I'm definitely leaning toward a light gray glass subway tile at this point, maybe with a slight bit of blue in it, but I figure I'll wait a couple of days and see if any more good ideas pop up here.

And for what it's worth, we really, really like the honed Virginia Mist!

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It would help to know your budget and paint colors. Are you planning to keep the yellow in the hallway? If so, you may want to choose a warm grey tile.

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I thought gray too until I saw your floor. I think this will be too much gray I would do a simple white with a gray grout, or a white beveled with white grout.

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Love your Jet Mist counters and Montauk Black slate floor. Ithink a greeny blue glass tile would look nice.

I am also doing a Montauk Black slate floor; what did you use to seal your floor? I like that the sealer didn't make the floor look solid black, leaving gray tones.


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Beautiful granite and floor, wow!

I love glass tile, so I have an easy time going along with that recommendation. I agree with the idea of soft grey or even a frosted white glass. Greenish or blueish could be fun too. Check out Amandasplit's contemporary kitchen reveal for an icy green-blue.

Frosted glass would mimic the soft look of the honed granite, so that might be cool.

Thanks for sharing your progress pics!

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I love your kitchen so far! The honed virginia mist and slate floors are stunning. I really like your cabinets too. I know you said you might just paint the cabinets, but I sort of hope you don't. Your kitchen looks custom and gorgeous with the cool granite and slate with the warm wood cabinets.

My first thought backsplash-wise was something medium-light gray as well. I think the marble reads that way from a distance and would probably work. Though I personally would probably opt for something with less pattern to keep your beautiful counters as the showcase.

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I'll dig through my notes and will report back about the sealer. I know we went back and forth a bit because we didn't want to change the color of the tile or the grout. We went through a similar process with the granite and, after a lot of research, ended up with two coats of 511 Porous Plus.

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Thanks, I really appreciate it; we really want to maintain the natural color of the slate and yours looks gorgeous!

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Hi Rob,
It's MJOcean again. Sorry to be pesky, but I'm very interested in the name of the sealer you used for your slate floor. I really love how your floor looks finished with the sealer and we will be ready for sealer within the week.
Thank you,

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I was just hunting for a light gray glass on another post - wonder if this would work for your kitchen - or maybe larger glass pieces but not the mosaic.

How about this one? it is a gray blend tile - I think the variation might play out nicely in your kitchen.

But it might be too much with that gorgeous floor.

This post was edited by a2gemini on Fri, Mar 15, 13 at 17:19

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a2gemini, I really like the second picture you posted. What product is that?

MJOcean: Sorry for the delay. I though I still had the empty bottles, but it turns out I don't. I have a call out to my contractor, and he'll be able to tell me. I know it was a DuPont product, StoneTec I believe, but I will report back when I know for sure.

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Rob- it is grazia melange series. Several stores carry it - one is
I could only locate it on the east and west coasts.

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Hi Rob,

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to find out the name of the product. I'll look forward to your reply.

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Those are some of the prettiest pieces of Virginia Mist that I've ever seen, just exquisite! I love the idea of a light gray backsplash, but I wonder about the high gloss of glass against that counter. It could be stunning contrast, and a soft matte look could be nice, too. A second here to Karin_mt's idea for the frosted white glass.

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I'm thinking about getting honed VA mist for our kitchen (yours looks beautiful), but I heard that honed granite is more porous and more prone to stains/fingerprints. Do you find that to be the case?

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