EcoWater am I being ripped off?

No-ClueDecember 5, 2012

So we have the Eco water softener and R/O since 2006. The units worked fine but unfortunately we moved so much the past 3 years that the hook up service is killing us!

Last move we just had the R/O hooked up under the sink knowing we wouldn't be there for long and it cost us an arm and a leg.

Install - $125
375 Pre/post CTO - $90.72
RO Membrane - $119.70
Faucet - $50

Total cost to install the RO - $385.42.

Called them again today b/c we're finally moving into our permanent home and this is the quote for another install.

For the RO only:

Install - $125
375 Pre/post CTO - $90.72
RO Membrane - $141
Faucet - $125
Drill Granite - $75

Total to install the RO alone will cost - $556.72

As for the water softener install that can range anywhere from $300-$800!!

Does this sound normal or am I being ripped off because I'm a girl?? Also the uninstalled last time cost us over $500.

For this price I might as well pay a little more and go with new set and maybe a different company? Maybe Kinetico? I don't know but it just doesn't sound right to me.

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In a word - YES.

You could have purchased new equipment for the amount they have charged you to move it.

Call around and speak to other water treatment folks in your area. Look for industry standard rather than proprietary equipment.

Kinetico quality is quite good. They are, however, much mor expensive. There are others out there that will provide the same result with much less expense.

As long as you're looking, get your own testing done by an independent lab and size your softener accordingly. Softeners aren't just cookie-cutter. One size does not fit all. What worked for you before may not be what you need now.

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I agree with Alice, with one addition, walk the streets of your new neighborhood get to know what they are using I'll bet some of them if not most know who is reputable in your area for proper water treatment not to mention service after the sale. Good luck

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Sophie Wheeler

Anyone who doesn't develop some basic plumbing skills will get charged a lot of labor for even a simple project. I don't think it's a matter of being "ripped off" as much as some unwise decisions on your part to move things around so much. If you knew that you were going to be doing that, you should have learned how to install it yourself. Or wait until you were in your permanant home to have the final install done.

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It's never an unwise decision to want clean, conditioned, and/or purified water. After all isn't water life sustaining?

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Thank you for your advices! I have since decided to call around for a few more quotes. In fact Kenetic is coming for a free consult today. So we shall see.

Hollysprings... people don't move by choice... medical reasons, job relocation, etc are some of the reasons why we had to move. Due to my health I'm lucky to even feel well enough to take a shower let alone learn how to install a water softener... LOL. Since we are not DIY people would be be better to let the pros handle that.

I'm anxious to see what Kenetic guy has to say. I'm ready for my bath soak just about now. Thanks again!

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