possible mold problem?

kentannenbaumDecember 19, 2013

We own an 1890 farmhouse in Catskill, NY which we bought four years ago. At that time, the home inspector said nothing about mold and since then I haven't seen signs of it. Now all of a sudden my wife and I talk about it AS IF we have a problem. Our conversation started because a friend said she's allergic to mold and won't visit.

There are two areas of concern. Under a staircase, on an exterior wall, it's more humid than elsewhere and we put DampRid under there to absorb it...which seems to work pretty well. ALSO, in an upstairs carpeted small bedroom which we usually leave the door closed to since it's rarely used, it's always very musty. That room is adjacent to the bathroom. I haven't seen mold in EITHER area, under the aforementioned staircase or in the carpeted bedroom. I've read that mold exists in every house but how can I tell if I have a problem that might cause illness? I read that mold test kits aren't good and hate the idea of bringing in a pro if I don't have a problem. Our house is built on a dirt floor with a well-constructed concrete wall buffering against water flow from a hill on one side. It get's a bit wet down there but I don't even turn on the dehumidifier since there's so little actual water that comes in.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Something you need to consider is that if a professional finds mold, you are required to declare it forevermore regardless what the outcome. You can show proof of treatment at the same time you declare having had mold but noone will give you guarentee that the house is mold free after the abadment is done. You stated that it's been said "all homes have mold" which I don't doubt. With only two small areas of concurn,I would be satisfied with a diy kit and following diy cleaning instructions if any was found. It is possible to live in a house for a lifetime without ill effect eventhough it has mold,lead based paint and asbestos all three. The material must be disturbed before it can be inhaled or ingested. I take nessary precautions like wearing resperator during demolition or restricting children from areas suspected to have lead paint until passed the age of chewing on everything they can. I also highly reccomend high effeciency hvac filters for general good health and equipment protection.

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I imagine that if you run the dehumidifier more often you will have much less of an issue since humity is a good conductor for mold. The humidty from the basement is probably rising through the house. A good ventilating attic will help too.

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