no hot water in tub in unused bathroom?

kayla47December 28, 2012

I have a large house 4 bathrooms one bathroom no one ever uses the tub. Well I had a lot of company and this bathroom was used and no hot water in the tub what can cause this the sink had hot water? I also have 2 hot water heaters and one of them has some corrosion on the top what I think is a vent pipe. I don't know how to tell if it is working
or not. The bath hadn't been used in 13 years but I still don't understand why no hot water. What can I do to fix problem?

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I had the same problem in a bathroom that we rarely use the tub/shower. It has a Moen single handle control valve. I had to remove the cartridge because the hard water had blocked the hot water port. Once it was cleaned I now run the water briefly one a month or so to keep it operational.

Assuming you have a cartridge type control, You might try "exercising" the handle a number of times to see if that loosens the scale.

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This happens with positemp Moen cartridges. The 'shuttle' that reacts to pressure changes gets locked to one side. I've had to repalce mne twice. Some have been able to remove it and knock it and loosen up the shuttle. If you shake it you might hear it go back and forth. My ultimate solution is to never buy one of these Moen plumbing fixtures in the future.

FYI.. that cartridge can be very hard to remove. Do yourself a favor and go to HD and buy one of those cartridge extractors. Make it much easier. And if your plumber were as bad as the one hired by my builder, your valve body may not be attached to anything inside the wall and pulling on that valve could damage the pipe. The extractor will prevent that. It is not that expensive and it sounds like this will happen to you agin.

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