alternative Waste & Overflow for Duravit Starck bathtub?

Upstater67December 13, 2011

I've done so much helpful research here and on the Bathroom Forum, but right now I feel like I've hit a dead end, so here's my first question.

I have my dream bathtub, the Duravit Starck # 700166, on order. It is the simple 60 x 30 soaker model, no electric bells and whistles.

Duravit offers only one choice for this tub's Waste & Overflow, Duravit's cable driven # 790220. I don't like it for my purposes because (1) I definitely want a model with a strainer-type top to keep hair from going down the drain and (2) I prefer a polished nickel finish (the recommended model comes only in chrome).

One thing that concerns me is that apparently this suggested Waste & Overflow has a flexible neck. I am wondering if that feature is going to be necessary for dealing with the Starck tub, which has a slight angle to the front wall that the overflow is going to be mounted on.

According to its diagrams, the tub is 18 1/8" deep and has a 2" hole for the drain. There is a 9" horizontal reach from the center of the drain hole to the outside of the tub where the vertical pipe would be.

I've called both Duravit and Geberit (the actual manufacturer of the Waste & Overflow) and neither one had a suggestion for an alternate model.

Does anyone here have experience dealing with this tub and finding alternate plumbing for it? Would there at least be a way for me to have a strainer type metal drain closer installed instead of the Duravit plug, if I have to buy the Duravit model? Hair down the drain is a big, big issue in this household. (This is my beautiful new bathroom remodel and I do not want to have to get one of those plastic drain cover items.)

Here is a link to the tub:

And here is a link with a photo of the Waste & Overflow:

Thanks so much for any advice!

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The Waste & overflow you in your link is a conventional slip joint type, but your tub is a skirted tub. In order to install that waste & overflow you would have to have a 12" x 12' service access panel either up from underneath or through an adjacent wall.

When you have a skirted tub with no access panel you are required to install a solder-in or glue-in type waste & overflow depending upon whether you have copper or plastic (ABS or PVC) drain lines.

The glue-in types are made in both ABS & PVC and must be matched to the type of pipe being used to construct your DWV (drain,waste & vent) system.

A glue-in type waste & overflow will have three primary components, the overflow body, the tub shoe and a Tee. Some kits provide a small supply of pipe, but generally it only supplies the fittings and the installer will custom fit and connect the fittings with stock pipe.

The kit will also include the trim out fittings, which are the metal overflow cover, the tub basket and the stopper mechanism. depending upon which type of stopper you choose.
You can get the conventional lever lift type stopper that has a control handle on the overflow cover, or you may select a lift & turn stopper or a toe touch stopper.

You can also select what finish you want on the metal parts. Typical polished chrome, brushed chrome, Nickle, Oil rubbed bronze, or gold, and some manufacturers even offer the colored enamel finished ones such as used in Europe in Red, Blue, White or black.

The good news is that the plastic ones have a much longer anticipated service life and they are only a fraction of the price they are listing for the one you have shown.
Typically the glue-in kits start at about $25 and up, depending upon what type of stopper and what finish you select.

I have made an illustration to help you see what a glue in kit looks like. Note that the pipe is just plain schedule 40 PVC or it could be ABS, depending upon what pipe they are using to make your drains, and your installer will supply that pipe. The illustration also shows plumbers putty under the lip of the tub basket, that will be supplied by the installer as well.

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Thanks so very much, LazyPup! I will look into these glue-in, 3-piece type set ups.

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How did this turn out? I am considering this tub versus the kohler archer as an alcove model. I love the looks of this tub, but wonder if it is worth the extra expense of overflow plus tile flange plus tiling costs on apron, etc. Any opinions and insights welcomed! I have 65 x 32 of available space.

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Onelady1dog2girls - I'll report when I know. Installation isn't supposed to start until mid-January and things can move kind of slowly up here.

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