Ipe deck ventilation

thinkstoomuchApril 23, 2012

After building a wonderful ipe deck with the help from all you folks here, I need to install a skirt around the bottom. The deck is 4 feet off the ground. I would like to install 1x4 white Azek vertically for the skirt. Suggestions on what the spacing sould be to ensure adequate ventilation under my deck?

Secondly, I had planned on just using a nail gun to install the Azek. I was thinking screws would be overkill. Thoughts on that??

Thanks so much,


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not a good idea on the azek, you do not state how you intend to install it pattern wise but the deck must breathe from beneath so closing it in is not recommended.

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My plan is to install the 1x4s vertically, with adequate spacing between each board. I understand how important ventilation is. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of spacing between the boards so that ventilation would be sufficient.

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