most 'natural' looking man made railing system--white color?

dsommerlApril 14, 2010

Am re skinning my deck--including a "maintenance free" railing system.

Deck is attached to a frame house painted all white. Decing will be wood (cedar or Ipe).

Would like opinions on which brand or railing looks most like white painted wood (vs shiny--syntheric looks)

Also--doing the skirt boards and lattice in white. So, I'll add---what brand also supplies these trim pieces?---I'd like all the whites to match


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HB&G Columns makes a cellular PVC product called Permaporch that is the most natural I have found. I looked at a lot when I had my deck built and the composites and vinyls all had that shiny, flimsy plastic look. The balusters are solid not hollow and the posts are reinforced with aluminum I-beams. My deck is now 4 years old and after a little soap and pressure washing the railing looks like it did the day it was installed. Here is a pic from when the deck was installed:

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My fascia and stair risers are made from Azek and they are a perfect match. I think it's basically the exact same material

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sensational lead.

How is this stytem priced vs the "big" names (Timbertech radiance rail--Azek etc)

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I don't recall specifics, but the price of the Permaporch railing is higher then other railing systems. It's a premium product but you do get what you pay for. If you can fit it in your budget or you are on the fence about your decision get a sample from your lumber yard. I had samples from Timbertech and a few others, and when compared next to each other you will see a big difference in weight and aesthetics. My wife hated the "shiny" look of all the other systems. Permaporch posts and balusters are also wider giving a more solid feel.

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what is you decking material?

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Ipe prior to being stained

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Scotte, really impressed with your choices. How did you attach the balusters to the top rail? The PermaPorch diagrams all show a top rail insert (aluminum or wood) that the balusters go into. Did you have to carve out the Ipe handrail to fit onto it?

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