lavatory cleanout

waltsydDecember 21, 2012

I've never seen a cleanout under a lavatory sink but now I might have to put one in on a bathroom addition. It's a 2" waste and vent (needed to boost total area of VTR) that has a big change of direction before tying into the main drain.

So I gather the cleanout t sits just above the trap san t. It seems like it's gonna be pretty cramped in there if anyone ever needs to use that cleanout. I'm not even sure it will have the requisite 12" clearance. Do I aim it a bit to the side? Should the waste san t be set lower down? Maybe I could just use the p-trap sani-tee as a cleanout, if the UPS allows it? Any other tips?

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First off, why do you need to boost the cross sectional area of the VTR?

Are there any other fixtures besides the lavatory on this line?

Please explain the big change in direction more thoroughly.

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I'm adding a bathroom to an old home. The existing vent area is less than the 4" drain. Hence I wish to use 2" vents for the new lavatory and new shower/tub. They will increase the total vtr area to slightly surpass the 4" drain area.

The lav drain has to drop through 2 45s to get around a beam, then a 90 to go horizontal, then into a 45, then a 2" wye to a 3" wye, then the 3" to 4" wye. That's a total of 225 degrees of bend before it reaches another drain line that has a cleanout.

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