Toilet controversy. We're all friends here, right?

dawnpfisterDecember 18, 2011

So I spent my Saturday night with my computer researching toilets for our new master bath addition. Yes, I realize I need to get a life, but since we are all friends here, I am hoping someone can give me some guidance. I have read many toilet reviews on various websites and finally decide on a Toto. After all, every review I have read puts this brand at the top of every list. I decide on the Toto Guenivere comfort height with the "double cyclone" flush. Seems like the best of all worlds. I begin a search for the best price. Of course, just before I decide to hit the "add to cart" button, I see a link from the garden web about 4 links below and can't ignore it. Absolutely horrific reviews on the very toilet I am about to order. Is the Toto double cyclone flush technology the problem? Am I OK with the Toto G-max flush? My husband & I now use separate bathrooms (2 tiny baths in our 1940's home), so I don't have to deal with daily explosions that seem to happen in "his" toilet. Now that we will be sharing what is a good second choice brand of toilet to keep bowl clean-ups to a minimum. The only other brand mentioned in the reviews I read was the Gerber Avalanche. I need to get the straight "poop" on this toilet issue. All opinions welcome!

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You would think that having massive amounts of information at your fingertips would always be a good thing. Yet, the need to sift through it and come to a conclusion can be exhausting.

I found the thread you are referring to and have linked to it below.

Someone on that thread suggested a way to muffle the sound OP found disturbing. Regarding the flushing issues, it is possible that the OP got a defective toilet or that the problem stems from something in the house rather than the toilet. They had frequent clogs before the Toto was installed and they are having them now. Maybe they need to have their plumbing line snaked out.

If you are looking for another toilet, I have had the Toto Promenade for 2 years now and I am happy with it - my plumber recommended it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the previous thread

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I have no idea how the Guinevere did in testing results. The CUWCC MaP tests (periodically updated since '03) are the gold standard for what works well.

My parents most recent replacement was to put in a Toto Eco Drake that uses the dual cyclone flush. I think it's awesome. Does the job and seems like it should be easier to clean b/c it doesn't have all the holes under the rim (just 2 big ones).

I would check the test results- my personal experience is that the taller Totos (Drake in particular) perform better than the short ones (our Ultimate, e.g.).

As for noise, as long as it isn't a pressure-assisted toilet, you have to be pretty neurotic to care.

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Terry Love

The Soiree and the Guinevere by TOTO are very good.
I like the double cyclone bowls with Sanagloss.

If you are comparing new products, you know, the ones sold in the last twenty years, then this is about as good as it gets.

If you are comparing against something you've had since the 70's, about the time we were pulling troops from Viet Nam, then you would be used to an ocean of water in the bowl and niagara falls coming from the rim of the bowl washing the great lakes through.

Since 1992, all toilets, all brands have been required to use 1.60 gallons or less. Unless you want to come by and rumagge through our vans as we dispose of these ancient old relics of the past, you're not going to find one.
I have the double cyclone in my main bath, and it's quiet and clean. And it works every time!
Terry Love

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The problem I have with the low-flow toilets is not the flushing. The crap engineers got that part right. The dirty bowl problem is the thing. Especially on an elongated bowl. The pool of water is such a small target. With 1.6 gallons to flush, not much is left in the pool for the swimmers. A good size #2 can splash right out of the deep end, if you get my drift. A person with moderate to above-average attention to sanitation is going to clean the #2 stains off the bowl before leaving the bathroom.

Now who's saving water?

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