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bpricedoApril 24, 2012

We are in the very earliest stages of pool planning. I am considering the Wet Edge Luna Quartz finish as it is smooth and supposedly durable. The only installer in our area states he hasn't done any quartz finishes, has done a couple of pebble but pretty much does Primera Stone.

He states the quartz gets rough over time, is this true?

Also the Primera Stone is a marble stone which is softer so it can be sanded down, the quartz should be more durable (or at least as, it's likely the same "plaster" mix in both finishes, just different aggregate)?

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What happens is the cement that holds everything together, because it is pretty exposed and often people get lazy with testing and balancing, can begin to break down, This can cause the quartz to be released. Over time, the the finish acquires a rougher finish. There are many finishes where this can occur.

Larger aggregates, expose significantly less cement and tend to last a lot longer.


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Thank you for your reply, Scott. So, like anything, if you take care of it, it should be fine.

Is the Pebble Fina similar to Luna Quartz? If the local Wet Edge installer can only do one finish I may look into Pebble Tec if their installer is more experienced. Of course I am not ruling out a pebble type finish if there is one that I like the texture of.

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They are two different materials.

I personally like the Wet Edge Pearl Matrix. The point is everyone is different.


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We just had a Wet Edge Pearl Matrix finish applied. We chose Mediterranean Magic (which is in the paper catalog our plasterer gave us, but isn't shown in the online catalog). We wanted a dark finish, but Black Magic was a bit too dark for us. The Mediterranean Magic has more blue and less black. In retrospect, I think the Black Magic would have been fine too because the water moderates the darkness, but we are quite happy with the Mediterranean Magic.

The pool was filled over the weekend so we haven't swum in it yet, but I stood on the top step today. The pebbles are small and close together so I find the texture quite comfortable. It's a pleasant amount of friction, a nice firm footing. I think it will be fine on the seats in the spa too, but we aren't suppose to use the heater for two weeks so it will be a bit before I can try it out.

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I have Wet Edge and Pebbletec available. The Wet Edge installer has been with them for 2 years, don't know what his total experience is. He admits to really not doing any finishes but the Primera Stone and was not fond of any of the other finishes, in fact flat out said he didn't like the pebble.

The Pebbletec installer has been with them "since the beginning" and has 30 years experience, has a huge portfolio of very impressive pools with all types of finishes, and is accredited by the BBB. So right now the Pebbletec has the edge.

I will look at some pools in person and get the PB's opinion as well, but I am considering the smaller stone finish, Satin Matrix or Pebble Sheen.

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