Will rebar rust if waterline tile is missing?

strikingvikingApril 4, 2012

For reasons of poor installation, my waterline pool tile on one half of our new pool, fell off after six months. We have been in litigation for a year until the contractors board found in our favor and ordered the contractor to pay for repairs. Unfortunately, this process has taken a year so we are concerned that chemically treated pool water has saturated or sufficiently leaked down through the gunite and possibly corroded the rebar.

If so, what would the problem be then? Would a stain leak back through the pebble tech?

Would there be structural issues?

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What was the PSI of the gunite used? How thick are the walls, floor, and bond beam?

Generally, rebar is far enough away from the water's face that it is pretty well encased and encapsulated so it doesn't have any issues with the water.

The purpose of the rebar is to prevent the shell from expanding out and to maintain its shape along the perimeter.

If you don't see any cracking in the gunite/shotcrete, particularly vertical cracks, you are usually fine.

Pool water is normally near a neutral pH. The levels of pool food used, i.e. dense ash, baking soda, chlorine, calcium... would not accelerate any corrosion beyond it's normal amounts.

Are you seeing any additional issues?


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Water leaks though the grout to the pool shell also on every pool so i would think you would be ok.

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Most tilers put a water proof coating on before the thin set is troweled. That is what keeps most waterlines dry.


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