Plantation shutters...,

patty_cakesApril 15, 2013

.......on a patio instead of screening. I want privacy as well as to create an outdoor room, but don't particularly like screening. I'm thinking they could remain stationary, with movement only with the louvers, not the complete panel. I have them on the interior where they're exposed to direct sun, and with the oil base paint, can't see rain being a problem. I live in TX where it does get quite windy, but the louvers can be adjusted/tightened to keep from flapping. Can you see any(other)potential problems, or should I go ahead with my idea?

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I wish someone had responded to this post.
I have installed plantation shutters in three homes.
They were better made for the installation in Ca. and Ga.
They installed them in L frames. The latest installation has the shutters mounted directly on the window frame.
I think it is a fantastic idea to do the Shutters but mother nature will win. Having lived in tornado alley, and hurricane prone states, you can not predict how strong the winds will be. If you can make them in panels that you can mount to a frame and remove in bad weather it sounds like a great idea. You need to think about installation. How will they mount to the floor and ceiling without falling down? I am sure they can frame out a room but the shutters are heavy. You also can make them out of plastic!!

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Since they'll be exposed to the weather, I'd choose the vinyl shutters. One concern I'd have with panels of shutters is how well they'd hold up to strong winds, especially since you're creating a wall that will have a lot of force against it during a storm.

Other options are listed in the link below. They may be easier to use for outdoor privacy.

Keep in mind that shutters are going to require more cleaning since all the slats will be dust/dirt catchers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunroom, solar shades

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Thank you chick and ann for helping me think this thru! I want an enclosed 'room' versus a patio since I love to sit out in the evenings and live alone~privacy is a BIG issue for me. I'm also considering my 2 indoor kitties who would love some fresh air occasionly since sitting on a window sill staring outside is probably getting boring. LOL

I' ve taken into account the winds, and could either have something installed to keep the louvers open or closed during those times. The taking on/off isn't an option since I live in an open, flat area outside of Austin where there are always mild-to-stronger winds.

I haven't called the company that installed the interior shutters yet. Maybe that would be wise since he knows his product and it's capabilities. Anyway, here's a picture I found and the look I'm trying to achieve. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: shutters

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