Help with Watts intelliflow automatic washing machine shutoff val

lucypwdDecember 12, 2010

My washing machine is not drawing cold water. I believe that the problem is the Watts intelliflow automtic washing machine shutoff valve as it malfunctioned last year in almost the same manner as now except it was the hot draw at that time. You can hear the Bosch trying to draw water, no water at all if the cycle is set to cold, and no water for rinse. Trouble shooting with the user pamphlet guide number 3 - NO water from one hose - in this case cold - Green LED ON, YELLOW LED ONMY PROBLEM, other than a washing machine that isn't working, is that I cannot figure out how to shut off the water supply to check the strainers. Actually I can't find the valves. The washing machine was moved upstairs with the remodel, hence the shut off unit, and literally there is no valve like what I'm used to seeing. I have a cut out where the auto shut off box sits and drain hose fits. I literally cannot figure out how the water shuts off. Is it possible that the valve sits behind the intelliflow unit - if so how do I access it without flooding the house. There is a sink to the left of the w/d but no valve there either - just the lines to the sink.

Responses appreciated as I am up to my eyeballs in dirty laundry and tension is running high over here.....

SECOND QUESTION - is there a better type of automatic shut off unit as this has broken twice in two years.

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I think it's code to have shut-offs at the washing machine box in the wall. Was the remodel done by a licensed contractor and was a permit pulled?

The only automatic washing machine shut-off that is reliable is the one at the end of your arm. Turn on the hot and cold when you use the washer and turn them off when you're done... couldn't cost less and trouble free.

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Yes, everything was done by a licensed contractor and all permits were filed. I realize how ridiculous it is that I can't figure out where the valve is, but the fact remains that I can't.

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The valves should be where the washer hoses connect to the wall.

Call the contractor and ask... if he has to come out and show you where the valves are then that's what he has to do.

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The unit itself is the cutoff for the washer. It replaces the standard separate cutoff valves for the hot and cold water sides of the washer. You have to shut off the water somewhere else, which I guess would mean the whole house shutoff in your case.

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