Fix or replace DE filter?

ROBERTnjApril 16, 2009

The manifold is cracked on my 8 year old Jandy DE48 filter. One of the grids could use replacement...and according to the pool co. the others are so brittle they think the whole thing should be replaced.

According to them, lifespan for a filter is around 10 years. They recommend replacement with a DE60 @ $1775 installed including multiport.

If I replace the manifold and all grids myself, I've priced out the parts online at around $550 (I've also priced out the recommended new filter at $750ish including multiport and delivery but I'm not up to installing it myself).

If they are correct about a 10 year lifespan for the filter, it would make more sense in the long term to replace it.

What would you do?

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I'm in the pool business to earn a living, but $1775 is about $300 more than I would charge. If the tank ever cracks, replace the filter. For now I would buy 1 grid and the manifold.

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I am in the same situation except my DE filter is about twice as old as yours. Over the years I had to replace the manifold and the grids several times and exch time it gets more expensive. Now I worry about the tank cracking and the steel belt or buckle going bad, even though there is no sign of it so far. To purchase the grids, the manifold, and the steel thing, I am close to buying a new system. So, I decided to change the whole thing to Pentair Quad DE, hoping it will work out better than the grid system. The grids were always a pain to clean. I got the Quad 60 for about $600. I have to install that myself though. The inlet and outlet are opposite of conventional DE. Nothing can be easy.

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We have an Anthony DE filter and learned today that one of the large filters has a small rip in it. The pool repairman told us we must replace all 10 filters rather than just one--for the price tag of $700. Are we being duped? Thank you for a speedy reply--he's due back tomorrow, Sat, to replace.

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You don't have to replace all. However, if they are a few years old, a few more may rip in time. Replacing the whole thing is easier than taking the panels apart and reassemble so that's probably another reason for doing the whole thing. For under $700 I bought the whold thing, including the tank. But then again I am supplying my own labor.

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Thank you so much for your reply!! The filters are at least 3 years old since that's how long we've been in this house. We have a whopping bill due to other repairs he's done (replaced the pool heater) so we were hesitant to add another $700 but it sounds like that is best. We want to trust this guy but it's so hard after being duped by others, especially as it relates to our beloved pool. We live and learn! Thank you again!!

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Outcome of this was I sent ahead and replaced with DE60. Main reason was the other grids were very brittle and looked like they were going to experience trouble soon.
I did negotiate a better price and replaced it for around price that mikethepoolguy said he would charge. It's been running for a week and I'm extremely pleased with the results. My water is clearer than it has ever been after an April opening.

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Sounds kind of high to me too Mike. I am now in the wholesale distribution side of the business, supplying the service and building companies. This sounds like someone that is going to buy the filter at Leslie's, and then charge you a markup and installation. This was from the builder?
I do have customers that won't install products you got on the INTERNET. Some will, but they charge more. Most won't be responsible if something goes wrong. I have seen websites selling products we sell, for nearly our cost!
I guess if they never touch it,they don't need much profit margin.
The manifold and one grid is not a hard repair. I would be careful handling the old the grids. If you take your time, you can probably do it. Be sure to tighten the belly band properly when your done.
Good luck.

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I had a Hayward Cartridge filter on my last pool - no problems and easy to service. The cartridge was a no brainer, pull it, rinse it, put it back in.
My current pool has an old DE that I hate to service, buy DE for, backflush etc. etc. Plus the filters are expensive to replace. Can I replace this monster with a cartrige type filter or would the plumbing work be extreme? Rough cost for this? I was thinking of a Hayward Star Clear 120. Pool is 20'x15'x4'. Thanks for your guidance!

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