Where to drain a salt water pool?

azbabsApril 27, 2012

Hello All,

I have a 33,000 gallon salt pool that needs drained for an acid wash. The problem is we are on a septic system, also no storm drains on our streets. We live on an acre and flood irrigate, Can we drain into our pasture area? Will the 3,500 ppm of salt damage our pasture? We don't rely on the pasture to "Feed" our mules but they do graze a couple hours a day. There is an irrigation canal behind our property. BTW we are in West Phoenix.

We are scheduled for the drain and acid wash early this week and can flood irrigate about 10 days after the drain.

Thank You in advance,


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As long it is downhill and more than 150' away, let it rip. There isn't a high enough salt concentration to hurt anything that I am aware of.

The distance and slope are what is most important. Going more than 150' is encouraged. I shoot for 200' when I drain a pool.

If there is a dry well, make sure it is and stays empty.

Remove any hydrostatic plugs as the water uncovers them. Check in the drains too!


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Thanks Scott that is a great help. I have read conflicting information on this subject. Your pool knowledge is greatly appreciated.

The house & pool area is elevated on a "pad" so when we flood irrigate, the water surrounds the house & pool pad. There is a block wall that sinks deep into the ground around the pool. In the six years of having the pool we have had no settlement issues.

Thanks again,

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