Ozonator versus salt water pool?

monginfamilyApril 20, 2012

We are about to go under contract in Orlando, florida and we can't decide which method we should use to keep our pool clean and healthy. The ozonator plus chlorine tablets or a salt water generator. Does anyone have any input or advice? Our pool guy said if we go with a darker/deeper blue finish on the walls, the ozonator is the way to go. If we go lighter, the salt water.... We welcome your advice!!

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This is somewhat dependent on what your pool is made of. Some softer stone and lower grades of stainless can be adversely effected by a SWCG. There are ways to negate those effect though With the use of proper bonding and the addition of zinc anodes in the water flow.

There are lots of materials that are unaffected. What is your pool going to be using? That is the important question.

The proper sizing of ozone is also important but typically, not needed for the majority of residential pools. It may augment the chlorine on large pools that see heavy use but smaller pools, typically those under 30,000 gallons won't benefit and it will actually run up the pool's chlorine demand some.


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Thank you! We live central Florida and our pool will be gunite. It is a free form shape and 450 sq ft (35x17 at the widest and longest points). We will have a pebble finish, just not sure if it will be a deeper richer blue or a lighter color yet...

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Coping material?
Any rails, ladders, lights?
Decking is made of what?


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brick coping, brick paver patio, no ladder or rails, one light at the end of the pool.

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As long as the light is bonded, I see no reason for you to not simply use a cell and maybe later, if the light shows signs of rust, adding a zinc anode near the cell. The rust can be buffed off if gotten in time. I haven't seen that happen though with any of the major makers lights that are being installed in the last four years.

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Thank you so much! We really appreciate your advice.

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