Pavers Over Concrete Stairs (that are crumbling)?

newhomeowner2011aMarch 29, 2012


We have concrete stairs in the front of our Minnesota home and we've had two concrete folks out to give us estimates and they said they are not able to be repaired (or "raised") but instead need to be replaced.

The quotes came back a lot higher than we had hoped and since we have a white stucco home, we don't think wood steps will work (it isn't a siding craftsman house is what I mean so I'm not sure it fits with the style of our house to do this alternative).

Do y'all have any suggestions for alternatives to replacing all of the steps? Can we put brick or other pavers over them?

Condition - one step on the right side has a big chunk that has fallen off. On the top left side, just the top part of the step has flaked off. Can we patch and then either paint them grey (to look like newer concrete) or cover them with pavers? Does anyone have any pictures of where this has been done?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pictures you have to share!!!

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If we had to jackhammer the steps away b/c there is no alternative to covering them, do y'all know anything about precast concrete steps? Is it rec'd over solid concrete steps and is there a price difference?

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Hey Guys!

I'm in Fargo, ND, so I know your weather/situation!

Call some bigger lumberyards, etc, for precast prices/sizes.
* The base will have to be properly prepared, leveled, etc.
* Drainage AWAY from the home/steps needs to be considered too.
* The base should be tamped FIRM, and probably on a sand base, so moisture wicks away from the steps.
* You CANNOT just plunk the steps down on the dirt, or you're just asking for trouble!


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