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bil549March 16, 2008

My first post to this forum so I hope I am not rehashing something. I have some experience building decks and just purchased a new manufactured home as a lake residence and want to add a 14'X14' covered deck. I have never put a roof on a deck so there is my question. How so I join the roof to the existing 6" eave of the home? I want to continue the roof line (angle) and cover with composition shingles like the house roof. The roof will extend out over the 14' deck. There is no gable only a flat eave. I have searched through a couple of topics related to deck covers and have not seen a similar plea for help. Thanks for any responses. I have already picked up some valuable information while doing my search.

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The only way to fasten a shingled roof covered patio to your existing building is to cut existing decking and place your rafters on the wall plate, fastening to both the top plate and the existing rafters.
DO NOT fasten in any other manner.
Hopefully you'll have quite a few steps down from your door because you'll have an ever decreasing ceiling as it continues at the existing pitch (roof line(angle)). Even with a 4 pitch this is a 4'8" drop on 14' and a 5' drop on 15' if you expect to have soffit. You could drop this to 2 but it isn't recomended and the shingle Mfg will not recognize the warranty on the shingles because the pitch is to shallow.

See ya,

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Sorry for waiting so long to thank you for the response. I have been out of town and just got back to a computer. I have seen some posts indicating that a cover over a deck should not be attached to the mobile home. Is it possible to attach rafters to post and butt plywood to the existing roof plywood and use flashing to cover the gap and then shingle over that? I guess I am asking for the best(best,safest, most secure)method of covering a deck. Again I thank you for the advise.

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Have you built your covered deck? I also have a manufactured house. Did you attach the deck roof to the house? Do you have any pictures? I'm not sure if this forum let's you attach pix, so if you want to email me directly my email address is

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