Questions about bath/shower plumbing fixtures

andreadegDecember 20, 2011

Hi There!

I'm a plumbing novice; I'm hoping my questions aren't too simple for this forum.

I have a acrylic shower/bathtub combo in the upstairs bathroom that is in good shape and I'd lke to keep it. However, the fixtures are really dank looking. Are bathtub fixtures easily replacable in an acrylic bathtub? Can they just be unscrewed and replaced with new? Are the fittings universal or do I need to buy the same brand that I have now?

What is a good mid-level faucet brand that will serve us well for many years? I used Kohler in the downstairs bathroom remodel and I don't love the faucet; although that could be more about the particular model that I chose as opposed to a statement about the brand.

any and all input is welcome!

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If the current hardware works well, you can probably dress it up with new handles and escutcheons from the plumbing asile in most big-box stores. A real plumbing supply store would have better ones. You can get a new spout and shower head there, also.
Replacing the entire unit, though, requires access through the wall from the other side, and plumbing work probably best left to a professional.

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