Extending deck with gravel patio and fire pit....ideas?

rhizzlebopMarch 10, 2010

I'm gonna attach a few pics of what I have. I built this deck last year and am now thinking of building a gravel area encompassing thewhole area in front of the deck from the left end of the small section over to the outer edge of the gazebo.

I want to build a fire pit out front in the gravel.

Grass wont grow well in among the trees you see in the pic but I don't wanna cut them due to the shade they give.

So, I thought about doing a gorgeous decomposed granite patio area there like they build on YardCrashers. The problem is, South Carolina they don't know what decomposed granite is. They call it crush n run. and its all grey in color and pretty ugly. Not the nice beige or brown patio color they show on TV.

I am considering maybe a nice smooth river rock, but you can't pac it and firm it up at all.

Someone suggested a base layer of sand and lime, then river rock, then a bit more sand and lime on top,( let it filter through) and then wet it to form lime mortar to semi bond the river rock kind of solidly.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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