Has Anyone Had an island 14 ft or longer and used only one slab?

aktillery9March 26, 2013

We are planning our new home build. In the kitchen I wanted to use marble and the island would be 4 ft by 14 ft. Does anyone know if that is possible from one slab or will I need to have a seam?

I have attached my inspiration kitchen. I am not in love with everything about it, but do love the layout.

Thanks in advance!

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You will not get a slab that long. The largest I have seen is absolute black topping out around 150"

I had a customer that insisted one day that his friend had such a slab in his kitchen. I spent the whole day calling international companies. It simply is not available.

I do however, have a suggestion for you. I have seen the absolute best in counters and I know it is possible to have someone come in and polish out a seam so well that you would not even know that there was one there. Most fabricators do not offer this, you need to find one that does, or ask them if they know of a professional that can do this for you.

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Thanks Kent! I appreciate the response!


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Beagles' kitchen island is bookmatched, it looks incredible.

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Even if there were slabs that long, in many houses there would be no way to maneuver a piece that big all the way into the kitchen.

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I think it's always important to make sure you know the quality of the work done by your fabricator. I LOVE beekeeper's bookmathed slabs but I am not sure that all companies have that level of expertise as evidenced by the many posts that say "ack, my seams look terrible".

I have two slabs for my 11.5 foot island and have made sure that I communicated to my fabricator that I hav very high expectations for this install. One thing to make sure is that you have consecutive slabs if you are going to try the bookmatching, or even the blending. I think that's an imperative.

Good luck!

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Oh, just to be clear, that is not my island. It's Beagles' kitchen. Not trying to speak for her, but she has said that they chose a special fabricator for the island--one who did excellent work like this.

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My seams are bookmatched. Not only do you need consecutive slabs, but they have to be polished or resined (mine is granite, not marble) or whatever in mirror image. Maybe with marble, they can just hone the other side. My fabricator had me participate in the layout, so I could see exactly how the seams would be. I highly recommend asking if you can attend the laying-out. That way, no surprises.

And firsthouse is right - you need to see examples of the fabricator's seams, so that's not a surprise either. My fabricator had a tool that smoothed the rough edge before they installed, so the seam didn't have those little chips they can get.

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Thank you all for the responses! Beagles seam is completely invisible. I am so glad I asked so now I know that I need to be particular and what to look for and ask for.


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Also double check your design with this forum., A 14' island that is only 4' wide is disproportionate. You may want to make it deeper front to back, and not as wide. Also, an island that large needs really good tight work zone with water located all on one side of it, because it will be in the way every time you need something from across the kitchen.

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How is "book matching" achieved?

And does anyone have a guess what the floors are in the OPs inspiration picture?

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Red, my guess is they are New England White Pine. Just a guess but they do look just like other photos I have seen of this floor.

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Bookmatching happens when two slabs are cut in sequence, so the pattern is identical, then they are opened up like the facing pages of a book, and those are the surfaces that are finished, the surfaces that were originally together. So you get a mirror image of the pattern on each slab. Then you just lay out the two pieces of the template such that where the seam will be, the pattern matches up, vein for vein. It doesn't have to be an edge, but each piece of the template has to be placed in the corresponding location on the two slabs. I'm not explaining this very well. Do you sew? It's like matching stripes when you lay out a pattern. You can get chevron patterns when the veins are going diagonally up on one piece and down on the other, and they meet in a "V" formation.

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