Costco toilet paper

booboo60December 17, 2007

Just curious if anyone has heard of problems due to Costco toilet paper in their septic tank? My son was having problems with his indoor plumbing yesterday and after removing the lid to the septic tank he noticed alot of toilet paper clogging up the pipe going into the tank. He was able to "free it up" and now has no problems. He said someone told him Costco toilet paper(Kirkland brand) does not "break down" very good and to use another brand of TP!

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ALL TP breaksdown in water. the softer the TP, the quicker it breaks down though. if the clog was at the inlet to the tank, it sounds like someone just used too much. if it was clogging the outlet, he should have installed a baffle to prevent it.

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Had the same problem with Charmin. Then was telling a friend and he said they had the same trouble with Charmin. Also talked to a septic guy and he said that he had pumped them out for people that said they used Charmin and he said it still had a lot of paper that had never dissolved/

Best I have found is Angel Soft or Scott for falling apart quickly when flushing. Just stay away from Charmin(and Costco)?.

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I too believe that the problem is the habits of the users of the system rather than the toilet tissue. If this was a real problem, discussion would be more widespread and frequent.

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I had an issue on my boat with costco tp.... plugged up my vacuflush several times. I did a "scientific" test using bowls of water and a single square swirled with my finger in each bowl. The costco and the more expensive charmin stayed together like glue. The best was cheap single ply Ralphs house brand. Pretty much exploded into tiny pieces when swirled in water.

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The Costco Kirkland brand does not break down as quickly, thats a certainty as many have commented, with accurate perception. Its called temporary wet strength. It suppose to be an advantage of a premium tissue brand. It also suppose to break down shortly after using it.
Angelsoft is a good alternative, there is no wet strength component in it.

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