Bypass line for un-softened water question

JMphotoDecember 8, 2011

This is probably a real basic and dumb question, but I wanted feedback from the experts on here. I need to install a bypass line for the outdoor hose bibs of un-softened water. I was thinking of putting in a T at where the elbow is at the top of the well tank just before it goes to the house supply water filter and then running the line straight up and over to the hose bib connections. The question is, my thought (being the inexperienced one) is that the T would reduce flow to the whole house water filter and softner. Would it reduce flow? Is there a better way? The two hose bibs are pex lines on the manablock but I was going to unplug them and run a bypass to the to avoid the softened water for garden and lawn reasons.

Thanks for your help

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The Tee will reduce pressure to the rest of the house if the outside water is being used. But that will be true with or without the filter and softener. Basic.

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You will be fine.

Use a tee that's the same size as the rest of the pipe (3/4", it looks like) and you will not have any loss of flow

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Let me re-state what I said earlier...

You will not have any loss of flow because of the tee.

If you have the hoses open, they potentially will reduce the amount of flow to the rest of the house - but that is true regardless of where the hose bibs are connected.

The correct answer is to connect them in the manner that you described. Do install a shutoff valve ahead of the hose bibs so that you can service the hose bibs or shut them off in the winter.

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It has been suggested that the "Tee" will cause a loss in pressure throughout the house..that is not true.

Fitting insertion losses are expressed as an equivalent lenght of straight pipe that would cause the same friction loss as the fitting.

For a 3/4" tee the fitting insertion loss through the straight through portion of the tee is zero.....

The fitting insertion loss for the side branch is 0.5', which means it would have the same effect as extending a straight piece of pipe another 6".

The outside hose bibb is rated at 5gpm and the fitting insertion loss for the Tee itself would then be 0.0257psi.

Adding an outside hose bibb anywhere in the house would increase the total volume of flow from the municipal main to the actual points of demand and that increase in total volume would increase the velocity of flow in the total length of the line which in turn would substantially increase the friction head loss for the entire line,,,

But as Jake already stated,,,the resultant loss in pressure is not caused by the tee.

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I never intended to suggest that the Tee of itself would result in pressure loss. With private wells, the pump, tank and attendant piping do have limits on the GPM delivery. It is an exceptional system that can actually deliver more than 10 GPM even if the pump has a far greater GPM rating. So while actually drawing water to supply a hose, the remainder of the system will have fewer GPM available.

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