rkrouseMarch 9, 2010

was wondering if anyone had specific reasons as to why they do not like ultradeck from menards. I am considering using it to build the deck around my pool. I have heard many negative reviews. Was hoping someone with ultradecking who has had it for 1-2 years has any advice and would recommend it. Thank you.

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Saw your posting and looks like I may be too late to warn you regarding UltraDeck composite boards. Due to the drastic fading we have experienced with this product and the continuing denial by the manufacturer (Midwest Mfg) that we have a fading problem, I strongly DO NOT recommend Ultra deck ! They have disregarded our requests to send a rep out to see our deck and continue to call our pewter colored deck that started out as dark grey - normal fading !!! Neighbors have other brands and are not experiencing fading anywhere remotely close to what we have. We are completely disappointed with this product and will caution anyone of this unresolved problem. In summary let me say DON'T buy it !

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That is a huge difference, but I actually like the faded color.

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