Inset cabinets will need adjusting? Accurate??

lalalisa123March 8, 2013

So we are about to begin our renovation and I've gone back and forth in the process between inset and full overlay. I talked with our cabinet maker today who says that inset doors will need more adjustments and are more prone to dragging/rubbing. This makes me think we should go with full overlay as inset sounds like it will cost more and possibly be a hassle.

This leads me to two questions
. 1. Do those of you with inset cabinetry have any troubles with your doors rubbing or changing with the weather, etc.

2. Maybe my cabinet maker isn't quite as skilled? I've gone around and looked at his work and it looks great, just not sure what to think...

Thanks for any input!!

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All wood expands and contracts with the seasonal changes. If you have any molding in your house where you see gaps in the winter and they close back up in the summer, you will understand this. It's normal.

It's also normal for cabinets of any kind to behave that way. With inset, because the tolerances are tigher than with full overlay, you may sometimes have issues relating to the normal behavior of wood. So, sometimes you may need to adjust your doors. It is NOT a big deal, or a frequent occurance. If you want to minimize any issues with that, then use a humidifier in the winter and use your AC in the summer to stabilize the humdity. Wood of all varieties, including your home's molding and flooring, will thank you.

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Two things toad what LWO said-
depends on the reveal and the original construction-A tighter reveal can be used with mortise and tenon face frames, properly dried wood and mortised hinges.
That will be found in higher end products where reveals can be as little as 1/8"
Pocket hole frame construction should not have a reveal less than 3/16".
In both cases the tolerance of the original fit of the door is a factor, naturally it better be darn good for an 1/8" reveal.

Installation is the other factor. How important becomes more obvious with tighter reveals. Simply over torqueing hanging screws with not quite the right depth of shim will throw them visibly off. The same happens with a wider reveal but is less obvious (beading also hides this some).
Insets should be dead plumb and level with appropriate shims at each hanging screw. On wider reveals the issue shows up later with humidity changes.

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