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upsideofdownMarch 12, 2014

We paid good money to have our flagstone patio demolished (old and was cracking pretty badly) and a new stained, stamped concrete poured.

We feel it looks gray and we wanted tan to match the pool coping. Also, here's what we're quite perplexed can see the outline of the stamp on every square. YIKES! See attached picture and please let me know your thoughts. We've let them know we're not pleased w/ the color and they said to let them seal it and let it dry for a few days and it will become more tan colored, but can I accept the fact that these stamp outlines will stay there and just have to arrange my furniture around it????


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Got to say I like it !, the previous stamped concrete I've seen here in Boston do have the stamp outline, how else would they create the stamp. I also see where it doesn't match the pool coping , at the bottom left of the picture. You could paint the grey foundation , where the patio meets the house the color of the coping, using a concrete paint. The patio does appear to have some of the color in the stain. Again I think it looks good.
Good luck

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Looks terrible, like our local "new & improved " market that ripped out the flooring & concrete looks about like that, little more even tho. Ugly. My son did stained concrete steps by learning how to do it from online video. They are stunning, like a lovely entrance to large home in Italy, tan to rust veining look & nothing like this. He rounded the edges of the steps, they are 6 ft wide steps as visitors kept falling off the steps the builder put there. I notice your steps are very small, easy to back off of especially caring a child or tray of food. He had to wait 30 days after making the steps so they cured before doing the staining. Sorry I don't have the pic anymore. Could add round of concrete so the top step is larger & then add lower step a little wider than 1 you have. I'm thinking of safety with people in & out using the pool, family meals etc. I don't think I would be at all comfortable with those steps. Not sure purpose of the stamping, did it just add "cracking look", son achieved that by way he applied the stain & there are no squares. I think I would sand that down & find someone who knows how to stain concrete so it looks like marble & will look great with your pool. Sorry to be negative but all of my family have built homes & we are do it yourselfers. But should be able to find someone that stains concrete so it is beautiful be sure to ask to see jobs the person has done before getting them to do it. At my house your guy would not be coming back! I did show steps son did on a post(not mine) & people loved them. I don't remember whose post & was over year ago so they probably removed it.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

It looks OK to me, but if you don't like it, then you will need to redo it. Probably if you didn't want any ridges, you should have chosen stained, rather than stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete does have ridges, and patio furniture is harder to move on it, but many people have it, and work with moving the furniture over the ridges.

Good luck!

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