How much should I pay to clean and reseal a deck?

robertwhyteMarch 24, 2008

I am British (moved here a few years ago) and I have never done any deck maintenance in the USA (Northern Virginia) so I am completely unsure of cost ranges.

My deck is about 4 years old and in need of cleaning and resealing and I am wondering how to treat quotations that I get. The deck is about 200 square feet in size and it is only a few feet off ground level. The deck is not very dirty - has very little by way of mold or stains.

I know that costs vary according to a lot of variables, but I wondered what ballpark (range) should I expect.


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200 sq. ft. ??? do it yourself. Do you know what \ is on it now ? Is it discolored or gray ? HD sell the Cabot line, I have heard good things about. I have never tried it because my deck 2,000 sq. ft. and was originally done with Stain from Menards, "Flood Inc" so I have been staying with that line to prevent any issues arising from non-compatibility in the stains.

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You're paying mostly for labor, and the price range for that can be very wide. The only way to sort this is to ask neighbors about local prices and to get at least 3 estimates before proceeding. The other consideration is to make sure that the best, and costliest, sealer is used because it will last a good deal longer and in the end will cost you less.

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