Angled wall and picture hanging

sueandherzooApril 1, 2008


I'm not sure of the proper terminology but I'm trying to figure out how to hang pictures on the wall over my fireplace and mantle. The ceiling at the left end of the wall is probably 15 feet high and the ceiling at the right end of the wall is more like 8 feet high. Do I want to hang several framed prints in an arrangement that goes with the "slant" or do I want to work against it for balance? I'm hoping to do something really creative that "wows" you when you walk in but I have no clue as to how to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Do you happen to have a photo? That would help a lot.

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We hung a series of prints (from Michner's book "Chesapeake" given to me in 1981) in a single row on a similar wall and on the ajoining wall at the correct height as if the high slanted wall was 8'. (In other words - in a row at the same height). We have a huge amoire separating these pictures (like your fireplace) Our wow factor is I had these worthless $ prints but high sentimental worth - identically custom framed - all the same double matting with special cuts. Each one of these prints tells a different story/history from a different era on the Bay. Everyone, including the cable guy comments on these pictures.
So, I think your wow factor depends on your pictures - How many you have - what they look like, etc. Those slanted walls (and I have many in my house) are difficult, and I think you need visual balance to appreciate them, and your art. Good Luck!

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Thank you! That's a great idea to have a series done in same matte and framing. That alone sometimes gives all the "wow" you need. I was thinking of doing that with a series of wildlife prints (my friend is a wildlife photographer) but I thought I would have to know the proper way of staggering them/staging them at different heights and levels - I never thought of lining them up uniformly.

I can go take a photo of the wall but where would I post it? Is there a way to insert it into these posts or to I need to post it in the photo gallery?

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Sue, My friend was an editor on the book - that is how she got the prints - which are really art quality copies of the prints - they had calendars on the bottoms (!) which I cut off and now all these years later wish I had left them. She gave them to me because I live around the Chesapeake Bay(now on a river that feeds to the Bay - 2 mins by boat) so that is the connection. I spent a lot to get them framed 20 years later and I love them! Similar walls - friend's prints / photos / nature - you won't be making a mistake! I only got 1 framed at a time - the gal who framed was great - and the price didn't hurt so much.

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