Show me your Timbertech PVC Porch or Deck

oldhomeowner_2007March 13, 2013

I'm looking for anyone who has used Timbertech PVC XLM Natural or Tropical. I would love to see pictures and would appreciate if you shared your knowledge/experience with the product. I am looking for a material for my front porch.

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Not sure that I would use PVC decking for a porch. But I've been very happy with TimberTech XLM for my deck.

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Thanks for your reply dennisgli. Are you suggesting you wouldn't use PVC on the porch because it can be slippery? Or for some other reason?

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The surface of XLM is very hard - but it is textured enough that I don't consider it slippery. Though it probably isn't as non-slip as my fir porch floor.

I guess I wouldn't use it on a porch because my porch is pretty "traditional" - and I think wide, plasticky boards just wouldn't look right. Maybe it would look OK on a more "modern" porch - though I'm not sure what I mean by that!

XLM is pretty much maintenance free - I just wash it with soap to get the dirt off. They warn you not to put rubber things on it because it will stain but I haven't had that problem.

If you leave the ends exposed you'll need to do something to finish them since the inside is a different material and has voids. You might be able to just paint it to match?

Hope that helps.

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