second floor porch separating from house

thndrcatMarch 23, 2012

We live in an 1870 Victorian Carraige House in a Victorian neighborhood in Willimantic, CT. We have a second floor side porch that is separating (pulling away) from the house. The porch is supported by beams that are just sitting on the ground or on plain bricks. Over the years, with the frost heaves (the ground freezes in the winter then thaws again, thus raising and lowering the beams), we believe that the ground under the beams has sunk, thus allowing the porch (that they support) to come away from the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Will raising the porch back up again (jacking it up and putting new beams in that rest on concrete) cause more peoblems? Thanks for any advice.


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You may need to install pylons deep into the ground to keep it stable from changing ground positions. There are companies that do this but they are expensive. Good luck!

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You can definitely jack up the porch for temporary support, remove the upright posts and pour a concrete footer under each one. In fact, if you don't do this your porch will become unusable and dangerous, if it already isn't.

We had a small deck off our bedroom that was falling on one side be ause of construction like you describe. One post rested on a concrete patio below but the other was in a hole sitting on two bricks! We were stunned to see this when the carpenter got the porch jacked up and that post out. We also had a large screened porch that was supported by three round wooden columns that were failing. The center column was bowed almost two inches, but you could not see this unless you looked back at it from way back in the yard. All the posts and columns were removed, replaced with 4x4 steel columns and then had Azek columns built around the steel. It was. Dreadfully expensive but the house is now FIXED.

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Thanks to all for the advice.

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