too much chlorine?

lnkholderApril 9, 2012

I acid washed my SWG this week before starting up my pool. Got the salt up to 3500 ppm, and turned on the solar which runs about 6-7 hrs a day. Now my chlorine reading is off scale. I turned the output down from 20% down to 5%, and made sure that the pump is only running during the time needed for the solar, but I'm still way off scale.

Any suggestions? The one thing I know I did wrong was put the SWG back onto the pump assembly before it was completely descaled. I got most of it off, but time got away from me and I had a drop dead deadline I had to meet; even though I could see some scaling still in the blades I rinsed it after about 15 min and put it back together.

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First, a scaled cell will not produce more, it will produce less.

What cell and what size is it?

How big is the pool?

What did you use to to measure the the chlorine?

What is the alk and CYA level of the water? If the chlorine is significant, then the pH is likely reading very high and should be ignored for the moment.


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Thanks. It's an intellichlor SWG in a 13,000 gallon pool. The pH is a little on the high side, though not too far off - I recently added HCl but it could use a bit more. The CYA appears low based on the fact the the TC reading does not get darker with time - I don't have a CYA test.

I've been using a standard Taylor 5 drop test kit - not one of the fanciest kits, but the one with 5 chemicals. It's about a year old, and I've been using it continuously all winter. I shocked the pool with liquid chlorine a week or two before starting it up, and watched the chlorine come back down. I was getting normal results a week ago, but now I'm pegging the scale with a single drop of chlorine reagent.

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Get a kit that has a DPD-FAS chlorine test and CYA test in it. The Taylor K-2006 has it as a does the TF100.

If you have am IC-40 cell, the would be a bit large, IMHO but setting it to a low power with a low CYA, assuming the water is at least 70 degrees, shouldn't be too high, assuming you aren't running it continuously. How long is your filter cycle?


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I cut it back so that it's only filtering when the solar is on - maybe 8 hrs. (I think; I can never really be sure because EasyTouch programming is a trial and error process that make no sense to me. But I think it is currently off overnight.)

I had no problem with excess chlorine the last two years. I usually run it for 8 hrs at 20%, bumping it up to 40% or more if there is heavy demand.

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