Battery pack for tankless water heater

bh401December 11, 2010

We are building a new house and going with tankless gas water heater. I know bosch has one that ignites with water flow(no electricity) and Rinnai offers a back battery, I think we are putting in a Rheem. Can't find info online about them offering a backup pack. My issue-every year or two we lose power for 2-10 days. Ice storms, tornados or what ever else mother nature decides to throw at us in NE AR. I want to be able to have hot water!! Can you get a manual ignition like on gas fireplace logs for when to power goes out. Or should I switch to one of the above mentioned brands? Plumber chose Rheem. Need to get this figured out pretty quick. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Get a back up generator. It's totally worth it and they are not that expensive. That way you can run your fridge, coffee pot, and the blower for the gas heat too. What's the point of having hot water if you have to shower in a cold house and can't have a cup of hot coffee?

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2-10days ... wow, agreed with live_wire. NG backup generator and get an electrician to size one for what you NEED.

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