Is it just me?

stu2900March 31, 2010

I want to put a roof over our deck and use mosquito netting curtains to keep out the bugs. Everyone says "Why don't you add on a sun room or a screened in porch?" Well, that's missing the point, I like to be outside. If I wanted another room on my house I'd just add one with big windows. But that's not what I'm looking for. I like to be outside. When we don't need the curtains closed, I want them to be open and enjoy the outdoors. I just want the roof to keep the hot sun and the rain off us. I honestly thought about turning the deck into a screened in porch, but then I'm still inside. I want to be outside. Does this make sense, or is there something I'm missing. We've spent a long time talking and thinking about this project. But, I don't want to put up the roof and then say, "Gee, they were right, we should have screened in the whole thing." I've asked several questions about this project on this forum, so I hope I'm not being a pest. I just like to get opinions from people who've done these things.

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Outside it is then!!! that thin netting might just blow around a little come that kind of wind but what the Hay!!! You get to be Outside.

Its your bucks spend them on what you Want.

Now would I ever pitch way total impractial.


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Ok, that's what I'm looking for. Tell me why you see it as impractical?

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OK...just for you.
Drift on over to second down on the right in the showcase. Roll ups,simple turnbuckles on the sides. Most any fabric could be used with them even thin netting but using that might require steady replacement. J.

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I guess I'm not understanding your point. The curtains wouldn't be used all the time. Just on some evenings when the bugs get bad. They can be opened and closed like curtains. They can be anchored to the floor with snaps if the wind is strong. The link shows what I've been looking at. So, would you recommend putting up a roof and screening the whole deck in?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosquito Curtains

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A roof over a deck and mosquito netting... that sounds almost exactly like a screened-in porch to me! It sounds like you already know what will work for your house and your lifestyle, so just get what you want and call it a screened-in porch when your friends/family offer their opinions.

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What about the flooring--can bugs get in through the spaces between the deck boards? Will you tack screening underneath?

I understand your motivation, in some screened porches the screening doesn't go all the way to the floor and it doesn't feel as open to the outside as it should. But on screen porches where there's just enough solid structure to hold the screening in place and the screening goes all the way to the floor, it would be similar to your mosquito netting idea. But if the idea is to have it be an open deck most of the time and just have the netting on occasional evenings, go for it!

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