Princess White Granite?

lavender_lassMarch 8, 2011

I've seen a few posts that mention Princess White granite. Does it really look like marble? Is it more durable? Is it hard to find?

I'm thinking about using marble on the island, so if this is more durable, it might be a better choice. I'm really intersted in whether it would hold up better as a vanity, in the bathroom. It's for the main bathroom, so while I'd love to have the look of marble, this might be much more forgiving :)

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You've probably already found this in your searches but if not, here's a link to firsthouse's kitchen which I believe has White Princess granite. I think it's beautiful but apparently not so easy to find where I live.

Here is a link that might be useful: Firsthouse's kitchen

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Ktink- Thanks for the link! That was one of the kitchens, but I lost my picture. It's so beautiful, but I don't know if it's available in my area, either :)

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I have it also: finished kitchen

It's a quartzite not a granite, but ours was labeled White Pearl Granite at the granite yard.

The granite yards regularly change the names of stones, so it's really hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

I called around and asked if they would send me photos of their white quartzites. I only found our stone in one yard.

But - it is WAAY more durable than marble if you can find it.

Nothing etches it or stains it (although we do have it sealed).

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Lavender--I asked around about it on this side of the mountains because it is sooooo beautiful. No one had it, but they all said it was pretty expensive. Quartzite, in general, is more expensive than mid-range granite like Bianco Antico. I'm not sure how much more it is than Carrara, but it's more. It might be equivalent to Calacatta, which was out of my price range. Where do you have to go over there to find granite/marble?

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Momqs- That's probably why I like it! :) I thought it looked more like quartz and marble than granite. What I don't like about most white granites are the black's good to know that the White Princess and White Pearl are more durable than marble.

Breezy- I doubt they have that on our side of the mountains. I've only looked online, so far, but I've only seen it in California and South Carolina.

As for price, I'm thinking maybe I look around and try to find some older marble and reuse it. My pieces would not be large...maybe I'll get lucky and find an old piece of furniture with a marble top, for the marble in the kitchen. I'm not sure marble will work for the bathroom vanity, but it would be pretty :)

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Fori is not pleased

Some of the weird marbles are so chunky and flecky, damage won't be obvious. I almost got this stuff because etching doesn't show (too busy) and those white fleabites you get when you ding marble just fit right in. Staining? Go ahead, try to find it! But the pink and green was a smidge over the top. Check out the grainy crystally marbles. They don't show offenses as much.

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9 months later and still no etching on my White Princess. I used remnants for my daughter and son's bathrooms and even nail polish remover, soap and other kid junk have not etched it. I had not realized that it was so tough to find, but if you can, I can still recommend it!! Mine is honed.

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Firsthouse- I think that your White Princess is beautiful and if I can find it, I'd love to use it for the bathroom! That's probably going to end up being the 'fanciest' room in the house (LOL) but I've always wanted a 'girlie' bathroom, with a claw foot tub (with plants around it) marble-style vanity and little chair, next to the tub.

Since my husband just wants a hot tub on the deck and a 'man cave' in the basement, he's fine with my pretty Victorian style bathroom, with a bit of a french twist :)

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Fori- I meant to say, thank you for the excellent marble suggestion! I hadn't thought about disguising possible stains..that's a good idea :)

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I love firsthouse_mp's! That said, we looked at White Princess in our counter search (in part b/c of her kitchen!) and the slabs our local yards had at that point (same area, some months later) were a far cry from hers. They were still pretty, but depending on the yard, read pinkish or brown/beige which didn't work with our kitchen colors at all. (We were going for gray.) I'd see what your local dealers have, and if they have one that works, hold it since the next batch might be somewhat different.

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Fori is not pleased

ANd get yourself to a stoneyard and collect samples and samples and more samples and beat the heck of them. You'll find one that patinas like you want.

I chickened out on the pink and green (the slabs were nicer than that tile) but it's great stuff. I don't know what it is, actually. It doesn't etch. But gack is it ever girly! If I ever have to do a bathroom I might go for it.

Anyway, get samples. Lotsa samples.

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We couldn't get a sample of the our quartzite and they had 11 slabs so we just trusted that all would be well and it is.

Mine is polished so feel free to polish or hone, you'll be fine either way.

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The tile shown in your picture is called Lady Onyx. We have it in the guest bath shower. The tiles we have are predominantly green and white, but some have pink/coppery areas.

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firsthouse_mp: not sure if you'll get this 2 years later, but -
How is your honed light-colored granite after a couple of years? I can't even find samples in my area and my KD tells me everything will stain it. However I think it is just what I want. Thank you.

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