how to remove paint from deck?

trancefusionMarch 23, 2011

A previous homeowner painted our deck with Porch paint.

What's the bet shot at removing it? It seems to peel up fairly easy, though I suspect some areas will be more stubborn than other. Do I need a stripping chemical or just an orbital sander?

If the wood underneath is stained is there some sort of stain I can use to better deal with inconsistencies in wood color? Like a gel stain or something?

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I would start with a pressure washer> If it is already peeling it should do a pretty good job. You then can follow up with an electric sander.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andover real estate

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Sorry to hear about your painted deck, but there is a solution. Although it is peeling off, don't just try to blast it off with a pressure washer...yet. N Andover is right it will help, but you need to do a few other things first. A chemical strip (sodium hydroxide in powder form) mixed with water. This is CAUSTIC stuff & can be dangerous. Please heed caution. Can't get it just anywhere, but I promise this will work. I've stripped 4 layers of paint/sealer with it. Stay away from the gel stripper. It's messy & quite expensive. The key to stripping is using the right products & dwell time (45-60 minutes) while keeping it wet. The idea is let your stripper do the work, NOT you. Now, you low pressure (500-700 psi) wash & rinse the paint off. You'll then need to neutralize the stripper w/ oxcilic acid & rinse after about 30 minutes. Should also brighten your wood. Then lightly sand w/ 60 grit if you're going to stain/seal. Let me know if you have any questions & how it turns out.

The deck guy

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Just wanted to stress that sodium hydoxide--Caustic Soda is mean stuff, & that it gets the job done. I loaded it in a railyard from railcar to trailer for 5 years.
We were dealing with industrial strength, you wont be.

Here are a couple of safety tips
1.eye protection is critical. contact-treat with any kind of kitchen vinegar
(I keep it in a little trigger sprayer on my belt.)
Vinegar, a mild acid, will neutralize the caustic - base)
3.Add caustic to water while stirring, dont do it the other way around, DO NOT add water to caustic, Reason is, it raises the water temp, pouring water into caustic can cause temp to rise too fast & boil or "jump up" in the container.
Caustic does great work, but be safe.

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