Pentair Easy Touch/iphone install

shappyApril 16, 2012

I've decided to go all Pentair for my replacement of my 20 yr old pool equipment. Intelliflo, Mastertemp heater and the largest cartridge filter. Bit the bullet and am replacing my old Jandy Ji-2000 (which served me well) with the Easy Touch for compatability sake.

To use the iphone app it looks like you need Screen Logic. What is it? Is it something that goes on your computer? How does it hook up with the controller? Who has a house PC nowadays anyway--all we have are laptops, ipads and iphones --all Mac. Does this have to be installed along with the Easy Touch?

Any tips for the Easy Touch install? I'm going with an independent Pentair authorized dealer so I'm assuming he'll do a good job on the install but this also really confuses me-I read the online manual but it's speaking a different language.

i can't believe how much more complicated (and expensive!) this stuff has gotten since my original install 20 years ago!

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Screen Logic is software that runs on an X86 based PC. iOS devices can talk to it such as an I-Phone, I-Pad, and I-Pods.

Easy Touch or Intellitouch can be connected to the PC either via a 4 wire connection or a wireless one.

WRT the costs, look at the price of oil and gold back then and today. Also note the country's deficit too that drove the other two up. That's getting a bit political though.


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You can also add it at anytime.So if your feeling the crunch of the new equipment wait and have it installed later...


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I have also been trying to figure out what I need in my new Pentair Equip for new pool to get iPhone interface working... Pentair web site is not clear on this.

I know the Load Center get the Personality board... and I assume that the load center/personality modeul get an ethernet connection back into the house into my network. Is that correct so far? Or is there some additional part I need in the load center to support the cat-5 ethernet connection back to the house?

Then, after that, is the only way for the iPhone/iPad app to talk to the personality module by going through a PC running the ScreenLogic software? Or can the iPhone/iPad app talk directly to the IP address of the personality module?

And lastly, the wirelsss remove they make for around the pool... can that just use my existing WiFi to talk to the ScreenLogic software on PC or directly to the personality module IP or does it need the special wireless kit that connect to the load center box?

How about wired inside controllers... ethernet? Or more modules/kits?

The Pentair web site is terrible at explaining how it all talks together... and they have kits that seem to give your parts that mose homes already have today (router, switch, wifi)...

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The load center and the Screen Logic systems are connected to your home network. This can be wired or wireless.

The iOS device will talk to the Screen Logic system only.

The wired indoor controllers may be wired or wireless but only talk to the power centers. They are NOT on your network.

The wireless ones may be of either type.

Trying thing by yourself is frustrating. You really do need someone trained by Pentair to get it right. IMHO, Pentair's web presence had gone down hill since they added the PoolFYI web. They still make the best gear but have muddied themselves on the web.


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Thanks, Scott... I think I've got it... it sounds like all I need form the house to the pad is AC and one cat-5... unless I want to use a wired indoor controller, in which case it will need to be connected to the pad also, separate from the cat-5 ethernet... correct?

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I have this newly installed for a new pool. It took three people to set it up. A computer guy hooked it up to my existing wireless connection. The electrician and pool contractor then set the program up on my laptop. Supposedly, you can access it from anywhere. I havent yet installed the ap. on the iphone, but will soon. It is a neat program...tells you the temp of the pool, turns the lights and spa on remotely, etc.

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