Does Epoxy Putty Work For Skimmer Crack Repair?

soundstage28April 29, 2010

My skimmer developed a crack about a year ago which lead to 1/2" of water loss per day. I used an epoxy putty (came in a tube. You mix by hand like dough) from the pool store and jammed it tight into the crack and overlapped by 1" and it seemed to work....for a while. Now losing about 3/4" of an inch per day and looked in the skimmer and noticed the hardened putty had pulled away from the cement. Crisp as a thick potato chip and could break it off by hand. Obviously the water worked it's way behind it.

My question is....should I just chip the old putty off and do again or is there a better product? I see ads for 3 part formulas made for basement leaks, but not sure if I need to go that far. Any suggestions? Crack is about 8" long and 1/8" wide. Keep in mind it's in the cement skimmer, not the plaster.

Thanks in advance for your help and knowledge!

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try H20 glue. Its for exactly this. works underwater, wet or dry. I am a pro pool service tech and I use it all the time. Here I found the website.

Here is a link that might be useful: h20 glue

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