Vekadeck Pro Decking and Railing

remodelzombieMarch 25, 2009

My home is in Lake Tahoe and I'm getting ready to put Vekadeck decking and routed railing for glass panels. Has anyone ever used this? If so what is your experience?

Research I've done indicates that Vekadeck and Azek are presently the best in the market maintenance-wise rather than composite materials like Trex, evergrain, timbertech just to name a few.

We are done with re-staining decks every year!

Azek did not have a color that would work, Veka did...but Azek has west coast distributors, Veka does not which means higher shipping costs.

Also, Veka was not listed on the CA fire Marshall's approved building materials list for use in Wildland Urban areas, but was on the approved list of building materials for WUI. It has a Class A fire spread rating since it's a PVC product. In addition, local code for snowload is 115 pounds per square foot and Veka's stated rating is only 100 pounds.

We've had to jump through hoops with the building department and it's been approved, but before we make the big $$$ purchase.....hoping to get some feedback.

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I've heard that Azek can be slippery when wet but I've never heard of Vekadeck.

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Many manmade decking material outfits are going bank0 latley I sugest you not be in the number of the first few to try a new product right now. J.

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If you must use PVC decking I think VD is one of the better ones. A little glossy but fundamentally sound. They were also the makers of Trex Escapes for a time, and you may find that Trex Escapes is more widely distributed.

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Seems Veka has been around 13 years or so and are fierce competitors with Azek (previously known as Procelll). According to Veka associates, Veka engineered and manufactured the product first, Azek basically took the same product and actually marketed it. I'm thinking, so why don't they market it?

Placing Azek and Veka boards right next to each other.... I didn't notice it being much shinier...the wood grain look is pretty similar too.

I've posted on several other home forums and few seem to know much about it.

Tahoe has harsh weather on decks and siding...we have friends with Trex and Evergrain two years the decks have can actually scratch the top surface and get powder.

I checked out other PVC's...Trex Escapes and fiberon sensibuilt but the colors didn't work. I think we may take the leap...Thanks and I'll let you know how it goes.

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Just looking for an update re Vekadeck.

We've chosen it too for our backyard deck - it was a toss up between Veka and Azek, but I preferred the colour from Veka. I have noticed that on very clean sample boards, Veka is shinier. But otherwise, they look and feel similar to me.

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Just ordered it. Supposed to be in first week of May. I'll let you know.

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A friend will be resurfacing his decks and is considering Vekadeck as well as Garapa for the project. What fastening system or component will you use. Have you considered aphano plates or another hidden system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aphano Fasteners

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tiger claws

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Can this truly be the end of my era of sanding and staining decks every year?
What will I do with all of my spare time?

They are putting in my Vekadeck as we speak. Two of our back decks are almost looks incredible!!!! Not shiny, looks like painted wood...unbelievable... and matches our siding fantastic. Still need to put up the posts and glass, but once finished I'll figure out how to post pics.

I download on photobucket, so if anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it.

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