Typical L Kitchen...need help on the island :)

Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_WalkerMarch 4, 2013

Ok so I'm starting to work on cabinet layouts.
I have 13'4" on the window sink wall 5' from the corner to the window
14' on the other wall with the fridge being at the end by the pantry. I believe I'll need to leave a bit of room to the left of the fridge for it to open properly being a side by side with freezer on the bottom.

My biggest question is what should the island look like?? I want it standing height 42" all the way across with storage (drawers!!) under. The back (towards the living spaces) will be wrapped in old barn tin roofing, with a ledge (same height) for barstools. I just don't know what the best SHAPE will be??
It will be mostly used for seating, leaning upon talking, and to set food out at gatherings. Probably some homework, food prep and whatever else lands there...



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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Nobody?? :(

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Are you sure you want the whole island 42"? Seems high.

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I'm not sure that you have room for both seating at a bar and your kitchen table. You need something like 24" behind each seat + clearance for a walkway (maybe 3'?). Someone here will be able to give you the exact clearance requirements.

Basically, figure out how much clearance you need on each side of your kitchen, and whatever is left over in the middle would be a possible island.

Shape wise, a rectangular island is most popular.

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I'm 5' tall so I would not be happy working with a 42" island. Since you said that the island would be mainly for perching, homework, etc.... I"ll assume you don't plan on prepping there much? If that's the case.... I would definitely want to increase my prep space between the sink and range by moving the range down. That is going to end up being your primary prep space. I'd leave maybe 18" to the left of the range between it and the frig.

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skooch the fridge down or to the left by borrowing some pantry space..the pantry is so big anyway!....it appears as tho you have 39 in between cooktop and fridge and with diagonal cut in the upper left corner you're going to have pinchpoints at corner positions of island on the left if you don't adjust something. I wouldn't rule out a 4 ft square island. Is the pantry in the foyer at the expense of coat closet? Or is it a big closet that you'll make sections for dedicated usage?

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I know it is not what you asked about, but unless you plan to put a prep sink in the island, I would try to swap the fridge and wall ovens. Making the switch would give you: (1) good work flow from fridge to sink to cooktop, (2) oven closer to cooktop in case you want to start a dish on the stove and finish it in the oven, and (3) easy access for diners to get into fridge without going through your workspace.

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robo (z6a)

I suggest a counter height island of around 36". 42 will not be comfortable IMO.

Looking at your dimensions, unless I'm totally cracked, you have a space of about 6 x 7 feet to play around with to place your island. Not saying the island should be that huge. How much seating do you want? One side or two sides? I like the chunky square island look - 2 sets on each side of a 5' square island. But I don't think everyone likes that for functionality.

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