Please take one last look at my kitchen layout!

Kristen HallockMarch 12, 2013

I had the DH who wanted the 64" fridge/freezer combo. He is coming around. He's good with the 36" fridge now (keeping what we have), but somewhere down the line he might want a 48" fridge. In which case he will have to eat the bill for new cabinets around in that area. It will probably never happen though since he also wants a 35' sailboat. I know he'll pick the sailboat first!!!

Please take one last look at my cabinet layout...

Is my island too big? DH is concerned it is HUGE. But really the only time he says that is when he thinks about what the cost will be to put stone/quartz countertops on it. Do I need to make it smaller at all??? there will be a prep sink on the corner near the range and fridge.


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Doesn't look too big, but you might consider making each large drawer base 3 inches shorter and rounding the corners on the family room side. I know I'd eventually start cutting that corner too short and my hips would be bruised a lot!

Definitely see what people that know what they're talking about say, I have no expertise in layouts!

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I really wish you could orient the island the other way for optimum functionality. Is it possible to move the doorway to the mudroom down ?

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Since our DH has relented on the monster-fridge, I'd reconsider the lay out.

Right now you have a major issue: a barrier island that is in the way between the main action centers - the fridge, sink and cooker.

How about moving the fridge to the upper right of the drawing and using the present fridge position for storage than isn't used as much. Or put it on the lower right section of cabs below the sink.

Think about how your food flows through a meal prep and arrange things so that you don't need to walk all around the sides of the island or cross and back forth on your pathway to get it done. (Think frozen peas from the freezer to the sink for that small amount water in the pot before going back to the stove to be cooked. Try to avoid backtracks.)

As remodelfla points out, your island would be better if rotated 90 degrees. Without the extra inches used by the fridge, you have a few (necessary) inches to work with.

The present layout was driven by the honkin' fridge demand. Without it, you now have much better options. Don't keep on paying the spatial "cost" for something you're no longer doing.



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Kristen Hallock

Hmmmm.. I guess I am not seeing what you are talking about with the fridge. The layout I have was not driven by needing A huge fridge. It was created with a 36" fridge in mind.

If I moved the fridge to the right of the main sink, I would only have maybe 3" between the sink and the fridge. I am not sure how that would work. also the fridge would block my view to the siding glass door and into the backyard. I am constantly looking out there now when I am in the kitchen if my kids are outside playing by themselves. also I can recess a fridge into the wall if I put it on the sink wall (not to mention that it wouldn't really fit that we'll there), so a fridge would stick out a lot past the cabinets.

There will be a prep sink on the is
And by the fridge...does that make any difference?

I've kind of gone over this plan a bunch of times here on GW so I am a little worried if people are seeing big problems with it now!

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Kristen Hallock

I put the fridge on this wall so that people (especially kids) could walk from the table or family room and get something from the fridge or pantry without having to come into the cooking or prep/cleanup area.

Currently our fridge is to the left of the range (in this picture) and when someone is standing there, it blocks people into the kitchen.

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Not an expect. Overall I like it. Only concern is how close the island is to the table. Perhaps not in real life but on the diagram it appears way to close.

Other random note, do you like the diagnal cabinet in the corner? I'm in an easy reach fan.

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Kristen Hallock

DH likes the diagonal cabinet with the lazy susan. Its what he's used to and I will give him that. I would be up to trying an easy-reach, but I am fine with a diagonal.

Ok, I was a little concerned about the Island and kitchen table too. I found a current picture that shows the cabinets/island and the kitchen table. The new cabinets will be 3" closer to the table. That cabinet in the picture to the right of the dishwasher is 12" right now in the current kitchen. The plan calls for making it 15". The island would line up with the end of that cabinet run....What do you think?? I drew white lines to show you where the current cabinets stop. Also, I drew a vertical line on the wall where the kitchen table area starts. The kitchen table area is 134.5" across. So its almost the same with as the run of kitchen cabinets on the sink wall (that wall is 139").

Do you think there is enough room? I think our kitchen table is 72" wide. I could keep it at the current length and shorten the island by 3" and keep a 12" cab to the right of the dishwasher instead of going to a 15".

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It looks like it will not be any closer than the sink run cabinets. I would still consider keeping it the same size, but make the drawers 3 inches shorter so you can put rounded corners on that half of the island. One corner is in the line from the table to the fridge and the other probably in the path for bringing stuff over for cleanup. I really thing they will end up bruising people frequently, I know I'd be trying to cut those corners a little too close frequently.

I think with the prep sink on the island where it is the fridge should be fine, since you would prep on that side of the island. Maybe I haven't mastered the prep sink/island rules yet though?

Just as an aside, going back to the centering the range debate, I had to look extra hard to notice you didn't change it, when I first looked at this plan I thought the range had been centered! I know it's not centered and had to look twice, I don't think it will be an issue at all.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok, now I am wondering if I should try to squeeze in some seating at the island. Ugh!

I could get rid of the 12" deep bookshelf at the end and do something like this with 2 stools and an overhang. I'd have to put my cookbooks someplace else. Maybe above the microwave.

Should I?

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Can you afford to lose the cabinet space? Try to imagine how this island will be used. Do you need/have room for seating?

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