FlowTite Water Valves

totsukaDecember 12, 2011

My home has FlowTite Water Valves in the bathroom/kitchen made by AccorTechnology. They come with a ten year warranty and mine are 8 years old now. The hose is connected to the valve at the factory so I guess I can never replace just the hose and would have to replace the hole thing.

Are these valves pretty reliable? I have heard real horror stories of homeowner's water supply hoses breaking after a period of time and a plumber told me years ago to replace them once every 7 or 8 years. Cheap insurance.

Anyone familiar with this product?

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Do you have stainless steel braid or nylon braid hoses?

I haven't had the experience with one of these lines breaking - I have had poly supply lines come apart from their compression fitting at the shutoff - usually a bad install.

Looking at their product online, my feeling is that the hoses are going to last just fine. It looks like the only way to change the hoses is to change the valve. They use a "sharkbite" type connection and you turn it counter-clockwise to remove it.

If these were in my house, I wouldn't worry about them (I have the same unbraided poly lines for 20 years).

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I have the nylon braid hoses. I'll just live with it. I see so many of those "water restoration" van driving around and hear horror stories of people's homes being flooded due to busted hoses in the landry room or bathroom. Sometimes I think making things "better" is not actually accomplishing much for the homeowner. These type of fittings are easy to install for the builder but that is about it.

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