Fixing Pool Cracks Yourself?

FLBlueHouseMarch 27, 2014

Here is my pool. Sorry the pic is a bit dark; I took it after work. As you can see I have visible cracks on the walls. Can I fill them myself using something like Sher-Crete Miracle Bond? Or do I need to hire a professional? I believe the cracks have formed over the years from the Florida sun baking the empty pool walls. I last had a professional look at the pool back in 2012. He didn't think there was much wrong with it and told me he'd have to completely empty and clean the pool, then refill with water to determine if there were actually any leaks. The price tag was $450+. I didn't have the work done.

Now I'm ready to covert the pool to a pond. I do not care at all about filters, pumps or the functionality of these parts. I just want to assure that when I fill the pool with water to start my pond it does not lose a significant amount of water daily and will last at least for the next few years. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money either. Is it foolish to do DIY work on pool cracks? Anyone have experience with this?

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Another pic: Another crack but much closer.

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I called a professional just to see how much the cost would be in comparison to me attempting to DIY it and he said he doesn't do concrete pool because of the liability. Is this a common thing?

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If your gonna make a pond out of it just get some pool putty and fill should last a couple of years.....other than that you'll have to grind it stitch it and shoot epoxy in the cracks .....and then skim coat it with pool patch to fix it right.....look up Anderson pool products for materials....

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I would fill the cracks with a putty and then look to coat with something like this:

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I would open the cracks and use a high strength Anchor epoxy. You can find it at Home Depot or Lowes under the Sika and Quikrete brand. About $20 a tube.

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A pool professional came by the house the other day. The good news: He looked at the pool and raved that it was a beautifully designed pool ahead of its time design wise and unique to the neighborhood I live in. The bad news: It'd cost 6K to bring the pool by to it's full glory. However, he said I could fill the cracks with pool putty and it would hold temporarily for a few seasons. The filter and all the other plumbing was in working order. Needless to say, I'll be fixing the cracks myself. I'm not interested in spending 6K, especially since I'm converting it to a pond. :)

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I cannot locate Rubberizeit in stores and I don't have time to order online. Can I use Rubberize Leak Sealer at Lowes? From what I can tell it appears to be the same product, no? A form of liquid rubber.


I bought a tube of Sher-Crete Miracle Bond for the deep cracks and Pool Putty for the surface cracks. Hopefully that should do the job.

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I filled the cracks using the Pool Putty and it was the worst experience. Just plain horrible at filling the pool wall cracks. It stuck to my gloves, so I took the gloves off and it just stuck to my hands. The putty did not seem to want to apply to the wall at all (and I cleaned the surface beforehand). So I immediately went to filling the rest with the cracks with Sher-Crete Miracle Bond, which went on in a snap, though it took a lot of strength getting it through the applicator gun. I took a picture so you could all see.

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Guess I should have told ya too keep your hands wet....

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Oh,OK. lol. I still don't think that would have taken care of the fact that the putty did not want to stick to the surface of the wall.

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