Ice maker line freezing

cr20aeDecember 13, 2009

The tube that drips the water to the ice maker is freezing, it's a Kenmore. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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What is the question?

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My first guess (if the tube isn't bent upwards) would be that there is a small seepage of water through the solenoid valve when it it should be closed, allowing it to freeze before dripping into the freezing tray. (a large seepage and you would also find a slab of ice in the bin).

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That is a very common problem that is usually associated with one of two problems and they are both most commonly found where their is a high amount of minerals in the water supply.

1. As was mentioned above, there may be a slight amount of water getting through the solenoid valve between fill cycles. That is usually an indication that the valve seats have a slight mineral buildup which prevents the valve from completely closing. Years ago we could get a cheap solenoid valve rebuild kit, but no most valves have a plastic body that is glued together so you cannot rebuild the valve.

2. Check the short tube that goes through the refrigerator cabinet wall. In many cases mineral scale builds up on the inside of the tube, which causes it to retain excessive water by surface tension. The water then freezes in place and after that cycle is repeated a couple times the tube is obstructed. The solution is to pull the tube and clean it thoroughly and if that does not resolve the problem, replace the tube.

I would suggest cleaning the tube before going to the expense and bother of replacing the solenoid valve.

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If is like my Kenmore any small amount of frost will cause ice to accumulate and the next thing you know it is completely frozen shut. Take a hair dryer, careful to not get shocked, and thaw the pipe out, slip it out of its connection to the solenoid piping, clean it well and slip it back in making sure the connection is made well and that it slopes downward towards the icemaker.

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Thanks for the responses, I didn't note that I did clear the tube once of ice, froze again within a week, will inspect for scaling and probably just replace the solenoid

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