Need new gas water heater recommendations

talthoffDecember 22, 2011

My current gas water heater is about 15 yrs old kenmore and is full of deposits. My gas bill from previous summer to last doubled.

I'm wanting to either get a single 50 gallon or dual 30-40 gallon. I want it to be a energy star rated but still be affordable as we a young growing family. We do have a large two person garden tub which is our only tub and I see bath time being a play time as well...

Couple of questions if I went with two heater can I just t the gas line to supply two heaters. I believe it is a 1/2 line. Also what brand/model do you recommend if I went with 2 or 1. I've been searching and it seems there is a lot of contradicting information out there...

I appreciate your help!

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The feed line is likely going to need to be increased in size.

Not having enough gas available for both heaters sort of defeats their purpose.

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