Could reallly use a hand, 2 questions

goyomMarch 27, 2011

I am having pool issues for the first time and could really use a hand.

First issue, Jandy AquaPure 1400, no errors, but report salinity at 3300-3400 PPM. Went to 3 pool stores, all report my salinity at 2200-2400 PPM. ?? Cleaned cell with diluted acid per owner manual, no change, salinity still shows higher than what is there. Its under warranty, should I call it in ?

2nd issue, just came on friday night, had high ph 8.1, and almost no chlorine, I assume from having low salt, and the salt cell thinking it had 3400 ppm.

Water turned green, but not cloudy. Cannot see any build up of algae on any surfaces, plaster is near white, yet water has a clear green cast.

Had water tested at 3 pool stores, no iron, no copper, fairly high phosphates @ 800.

Have shocked 10000 gallon pool with 1 lb of shock 2x over last 36 hours, cleaned filter cartridges, water still has odd green cast.

Any tips really appreciated. I went to the local pool stores in the Woodlands and most felt it was algae, but I am not sure, surely that much shock would make a dent ?

Thanks much.

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Quit using powdered shocks. They add either extra calcium or CYA you may not want. The liquids only add salt.

If 3 stores tell you your pH is 8.1, chances are it is and it needs to be brought down or you will form scale deposits. Use the Pool Calculator I linked below and plug in the numbers. Book mark it. Too darned handy not to.

Use either 10/12% liquid from a pool store or unscented Clorox. Get it in the pool. Since you have algae already, hit it with at least 2.5 gallons of 12% or five of Clorox,

Get a fresh pack of salt test strips. That will give you an accuracy of +/- 200 and thats fine. If the new strip says the same as the pool stores, call it in.

While phosphates are algae food, chlorine will kill it before it has a chance to reproduce,

Get a quality test kit. Don't rely on stores. For the moment though, post all the chem levels.

CC or TC

Please read the pool school at so you have a better understanding of pool chemistry. It really is one of the best on line explanations I have found. I have no financial stake in TFP anymore than I do here.

Shocking is a process, not a product.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Pool Calculator

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Scott I appreciate your reply very much, I started a thread on TFP, thanks for more input.

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Hi goyom, did you ever sort out the salinity issue with your Aqua-pure? I'm having a similiar experience with mine. It reads 3400 but the pool store insists it's 2500. Thanks, Marta

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I found that temperature has a good portion to do with salinity. They replaced the small board on my unit and it seems to have come into alignment. I also found the instructions on how to calibrate my salt cell, its in the darn manual. Duh the repair guy had no clue, glad he was trained.

I still have variances of 100-300 ppm, but in general after it runs a bit, and the PH is in the 7.2-7.6 range, its close.

When this craps out, would I ever touch a Jandy product again, whoever designed this crappy board deserves to die in a salt pool lol.


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LOL!! Ok, thanks - I'll check my manual. I did call our PB and he said something about having problems with a bunch of the jandy salt cells and that they are waiting for a part to come in. Fingers are crossed. Thanks, Marta

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Had the same issue in my last pool in NM with AquaPure. Salt readings will change with water temp so make sure you are taking the reading without the heater being on. The AquaPure can be calibrated to give you the correct reading and simply search in Google fore the manual. Also, check your water temp using an old fashioned thermometer and make sure the Jandy readings are fairly accurate.

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