Getting rid of rust stains from well water

TraceFDecember 16, 2012

We are building a house where the well water in the area historically stains the fixtures, the toilet, tub, etc. Is it possible to eliminate this without a softner? We actually prefer hard water. For the minerals we ingest and the ease of rinsing soap and shampoo away. But we don't want the rust stains either. What's the compromise?

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You can install an iron filter. They look similar to a softener from the outside, but remove only iron, manganese and some remove sulfates as well. There are several different types to choose from - the correct one for your situation depends upon your water chemistry and your ability/desire to spend time ensuring the system is working correctly. If you can start out providing some basic information, I can narrow down the possibilities for you.

1) Water analysis: TDS (total dissolved solids), pH, alkalinity, iron (ferrous and ferric), manganese, sulfate, bacteria. If your well hasn't been punched yet so that you are unable to obtain a water sample, we can only speak in generalities for now.

2) Number of people in the house

3) Number of bathrooms

4) Any high water use fixtures, such as jet tubs, hot tubs, multi-head showers?

5) Total flow you can obtain. This should be the gallons per minute you can achieve as close to the place you will locate an iron filter as possible. If you have a pump house, it could go in there, provided you haven't got potential freezing issue. Or, it could be located in the house, near where the water line enters the house. For planning purposes, a typical iron removal unit will be approximately the size of a softener, but possibly larger, depending upon what you need. To determine max gpm, open a spigot fully and time how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket.

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Thank you. I will come back when the well is working with these answers.

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