Which Color Silgranit Sink?

AngelCowgirlMarch 14, 2013

Please help a fairly color-challenged gal choose a color for my Silgranit sink. I've embedded pics with our counter and cabinet options below. I've never had anything but stainless and all these choices are paralyzing me, lol.

I was thinking white but I'm afraid it will need constant cleaning and show stains, etc. The black is beautiful but I'm worried the contrast will be too much. Maybe metallic grey? Truffle? Aaaaarrrrgh!

Praa Sands Quartz Countertops:

white IKEA Stat Cabinets (and similar cabinet pulls):

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I'm not a fan of the anthracite, especially with a counter so light, I think truffle would be beautiful. If you have time, call Blanco and ask for sample chips of the colors you're considering. Hold them up to your slabs and see which looks best IRL.

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I would go metallic grey, hands down.
But, I also was going to direct you to get a hold of Blanco and ask for samples- they shipped three colors to me and its a huge help.

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Thank you breezygirl and norcal_cat -- it didn't even occur to me to ask them for color samples. I will call them right now!

However, I am still interested in personal opinions because, as I mentioned previously, I am color-challenged! ;)

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Well, I have two of the metallic gray silgranits and love them. I could see that color working also. On my monitor I see taupey patches in your stone that I think would work very well with the Truffle.

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Molly Phillips

I put your post next to my truffle silgranit and it looked great. Truffle is an option too if you aren't that fond of the sparkly in the metallics.

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You guys are the best!

One more question... what 'stuff' do I need to get with the sink? I know I need the pack of Undermount Clips... I suppose I need some kind of drain strainer too? Sink grid (optional, I know)? Is that everything or am I forgetting something that will delay an install?

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I have samples of both truffle and metallic gray and i am looking at similar color countertops. I was leaning towards metallic gray, but once I put the samples next to the granites I was considering, truffle worked best with all of them. The granite had just enough warm tone that the metallic gray looked a little too cold. Definitely get samples, but if you go with the praa sands, I bet you will choose truffle.
I had my samples in hand within a couple of days of calling them.... I hope it is that fast for you, too!

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We just had Cambria Bellingham countertops installed last week with a metallic gray Silgranit sink and it looks gorgeous. Bellingham is very similar to Praa Sands (basically the same, minus the green). Truffle would have also worked beautifully, but the color scheme of our room reinforces the gray. Plus, the very subtle metallic sparkle coordinates with the sparkly quartz in the countertop. Whichever color you chose, though, you can't go wrong.

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I think the Anthracite would be stunning! I have seen several kitchens on this forum with similar colored granite like Delicatus, Bianco Antico and Alaska White, with the anthracite sink. The contrast is beautiful. I have a friend with marble counters and she chose the anthracite and loves it. To your point about being worried about cleaning, anthracite doesn't show anything. At my friend's, we made spaghetti sauce with meatballs, which is greasy and of course tomatoey - you couldn't even tell the Silgranit sink had been used.

Of course, I am biased, because I don't have a Silgranit sink now, but I am planning to get one in my next kitchen, and I've already decided it will be anthracite.

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Debbi Branka

I think the truffle would match nicely, or the white. The black would be too dark IMO since your cabinets are white. I have the white. Have had it for 2 years. It doesn't stain at all. It still looks like new. Love it!

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Another vote for truffle. My granite is very similar in color & I chose truffle. I'd ask your cabinet installer how the sink will be supported to know if you need to buy the undermount clips or not. I purchased them & then found out my installer builds a support base to place the sink in making the clips unnecessary.

Attached pic is the sample truffle piece next to my granite.

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Molly Phillips

As far as "stuff" - I did not buy any undermount clips. When my counter fabricator was measuring I asked him if I needed to get some and he said he doesn't. I don't know how accurate that is, but I didn't buy anything outside of 2 truffle sinks. I'm using them now (with plywood counters until my other ones come in) and I.LOVE.THEM.

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Thank you all for your opinions! Blanco said they would mail the color chips out yesterday, so hopefully they'll arrive in a couple days.

Also, we are our own cabinet fabricators, lol. We're using IKEA's stock cabinetry.

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When we purchased our sink, we also purchased the drain/strainer baskets for each drain (we purchased all of them from a plumbing supply distributor so they walked us through the process of what we needed). The clips came with the sink when our quartz was installed. Our sink if cafe brown. I really am so happy we chose this sink. Looks great, cleans great!

I purchased the sink grids separately from Amazon (much better price than any I'd found), but ended up returning them because the shine from the overhead lights on the sink grates gave me a headache. I purposely chose the Siligranit sink because I didn't want a shiny stainless sink...not sure what I was thinking with the grates. I haven't really found that we've missed having them.

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I like the truffle also.

chicgeek, I just bought the bisquit diamond sink with the matching basket. I have a problem with the idea of SS grids
as well. I have always used sink grids and really like them. But will hate having SS ones. I wish Blanco would make color coordinated grids. I will probably end up buying the SS grids as to protect sink .But plan on taking them out when sink is dried and not in use.

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Thought I would give an update since my last post. I totally love my truffle Silgranit sink w/ my granite. The color compliments the stone so well and the sink is a dream.

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I love Praa Sands... I have a slab of it sitting right here on my dining room table.. I sooo wanted to use it for my counter but have ordered nutmeg color cherry cabinets and am going with Cambria's Waterford... am looking at anthracite for my sink...
but for you, with the white cabinets and the amazing Praa sands, I'd say a white sink is too much white; the truffle matches perfectly and brings out that color in the countertop (which is where you really get the movement, like it's water ) ... but you should consider your paint color. If you are going a warmer tone like the greenish in the Praa sands, or a taupey gray, then go with truffle. But if you really want a pop - a contrast, and you're going with a cooler color wall and you stainless appliances - which have black in them (the range at least), then go with the anthracite - it's black but so sparkly!
good luck!

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PS, another nice option is the newest color, Cinder. It is a lighter "black" and not as sparkly. I think the metallic will actually clash with the Praa Sands - but get the samples.
I'm not finalizing my choice until I go down to the Cambria fabricators and see them together.
Your countertop people may have the Blanco sinks there.

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I have the metallic gray--I don't think it looks too sparkly, or sparkly at all. I don't have grids, either; I don't think Silgranit needs "protecting". And, it doesn't show anything either, which I love because I was always fighting stains in my previous white cast iron enamel.

kgolby, um, your sink looks beautiful, but don't you have trouble with the water running out? (sorry, couldn't resist)

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This post is a year old.

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