Hot water tank compatibility?

MizLizzieDecember 13, 2012

As part of our reno, we are putting in a small prep sink. I plan to use just a hot-cold filtration faucet on it. I have 2 questions, one about combining systems, and one about the necessity of cold filtration.

So what I wanted was a Waterstone set-up, either Annapolis or Towson. But that's pricey. Found something very similar in Westbrass at Overstock, see link. Was on the verge of ordering it when someone put the Towson faucet up for sale on eBay for $150, a bargain. Faucet only, no tanks or filters.

I'm debating getting the Westbrass set-up, and attaching it to the better quality Waterstone faucet from eBay. Is there a huge difference in quality of these undercounter hot water tanks? What about the Westbrass faucet? Good enough? I'm happy with the Westbrass looks, but a whole set up for under $300 -- will it be okay? (In my plumbing fantasy life, I'd refurb my whole kitchen with Waterstone but it will run into thousands.)

And do I even need to use the cold filtration? Or does the filtration run first, and then split and send water into the hot tank? I can see wanting to keep your hot water tank super-clean of crud. We are on city water, and the quality has always been excellent.

Sorry if I have combined too many questions. Thanks in advance to you plumbing experts who hang out here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Westbrass H/C faucet with tank on Overstock.

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